The Mark of Zorro (Dover Thrift Editions)

The Mark of Zorro (Dover Thrift Editions)

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 048680867X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Timid Don Diego Vega grows faint at even the mention of bloodshed and would rather read poetry than defend his own honor. No one suspects that the effete aristocrat is living a double life as Zorro the fox, bold fighter of injustice, whose sword is ever ready to defend the poor and oppressed against a corrupt governor and his merciless army. Zorro's charade fools even the spirited Lolita Pulido, whose father forces her to endure the listless wooing of Don Diego while her heart belongs to the masked hero who laughs in the face of danger.
This lighthearted tale of the Robin Hood of Old California unfolds as a suspenseful romp across Los Angeles of the 1820s. Loaded with colorful characters and historic atmosphere, recounted in direct and unpretentious prose, the pulp adventure offers a winning balance of action, comedy, and romance. This edition reprints the original 1919 story, published serially as "The Curse of Capistrano," which launched the Zorro legend. Scores of sequels followed, along with movie and television versions, all inspired by this swashbuckling classic.

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Diego was not a fop but used philosophy and writing poetry as a cover. Far from being timorous, he spoke out boldly against tyranny and was imprisoned for doing so. After the first season, Henry Darrow took over as Alejandro de la Vega. Disney’s lovable fat Sergeant Garcia now became Sergeant Mendoza (James Victor), and the deaf mute Bernardo was changed to a handsome teenager, Felipe (Juan Diego Botto), whom Don Diego eventually adopted. Don Diego maintained a long-running but not very

a man.” “Something tells me that never shall I suffer on that account,” said the sergeant, laughing. “You go with escort, my friend?” “A couple of natives, that is all.” “If you should meet up with this Señor Zorro, he probably would hold you for a pretty ransom.” “Is he supposed to be between this place and my hacienda?” Don Diego asked. “A native arrived a short time ago with word that he had been seen on the road running to Pala and San Luis Rey. We ride in that direction. And since your

him. Three miles away, on the crest of a small hill, there was a hacienda that had been presented to the mission of San Gabriel by a caballero who had died without leaving heirs. The governor had threatened to take it for the state, but so far had not done so, the Franciscans of San Gabriel having a name for protecting their property with determination. In charge of this hacienda was one Fray Felipe, a member of the order who was along in years, and under his direction the neophytes made the

were wounded, and probably in a fever. Were you in a fever, Captain?” “Undoubtedly,” Ramón said. “A fever is an awful thing—I had a siege of it once. But you should not have intruded upon the señorita. Not only did you affront her, but you affronted me. I have asked the señorita to become my wife. The matter—er—is not settled as yet, but I have some rights in this case.” “I entered your house seeking news of this Señor Zorro,” the captain lied. “You—er—found him?” Don Diego asked. The face

peculiar thing to explain, señores. The moment I donned cloak and mask, the Don Diego part of me fell away. My body straightened, new blood seemed to course through my veins, my voice grew strong and firm, fire came to me! And the moment I removed cloak and mask I was the languid Don Diego again. Is it not a peculiar thing? “I had made friends with this great Sergeant Gonzales, and for a purpose.” “Ha! I guess the purpose, caballeros!” Gonzales cried. “You tired whenever this Señor Zorro was

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