The Loving Cup: A Novel of Cornwall 1813–1815 (The Poldark Saga)

The Loving Cup: A Novel of Cornwall 1813–1815 (The Poldark Saga)

Winston Graham

Language: English

Pages: 590

ISBN: 0330463365

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A silver cup lies half-forgotten in a dank cave amongst a pile of stolen goods. Yet the tiny vessel and its inscription—Amor gignit amorem—haunts the lives of the feuding Poldark and Warleggan families, as Ross, Demelza, and the ambitious and powerful Sir George Warleggan watch their children make the decisions that will shape their destinies. For Jeremy and Clowance, and for arrogant, cynical Valentine Warleggan, these are troubled and momentous times.

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oppose him - our soldiers particularly. But that does not — or should not — remove the necessity to bring him down. While he exists as Emperor of France there can be no peace, no security, no hope of a lasting settlement that will leave other nations free.' 'I believe his Russian defeat has been a salutary lesson to him,' said George. 'He will be more amenable now. If Castlereagh has his wits about him we can achieve a peace with honour without the necessity of more fighting.' 'Do you intend to

of the Guernseys and picked up some fever of which he could not rid himself. It came on and went off and came on again, with depressing regularity. Dwight accepted a draught or two from his assistant, Clotworthy, but would not allow another physician near him. He went on a starvation diet and prescribed himself Peruvian bark and opium and continued with his work in the villages as usual. So for the present, talk of the four of them going off for a few weeks to Paris was shelved. Dwight heard now

had a.habit of attaching himself to Demelza. So he did today, and was constantly ordered to go home, only to be observed a few minutes later following at a distance crawling on his belly. Demelza was painfully reminded of that other day and that other dog which had been so much a part of her life and was now long gone. There had been an occasion when she had walked this way one Christmas long ago and Harry Harry, the Warleggan gamekeeper, had shot Garrick in the ear... This of course was not so

would not let me go near it.' 'When I next see Paul,' said Demelza. I will ask him ... Have they not been better off recently?' 'Who,theKellows?'- 'Yes. There has not been so much talk of bankruptcy.' Chapter Six I On the assumption that the weather could not be adverse always, Ross came home again by sea; and this time four days of fine December weather and a helpful wind brought him into Par, and he hired a post horse and was home before Demelza was expecting him. Ross could not help but

'Where is Clemency?' 'At Pearce's. She will be tired of waiting.' 'I will walk you there.' They crossed the newly-laid Boscawen Street by the Coinage Hall. A carriage was forcing its way over the cobbles and through the refuse. A fish jouster was shouting his wares. A group of soldiers and sailors were arguing on the corner, becoming contentious and noisy. Jeremy took Cuby's arm. There was a terrible contagion in the touch. He said sharply: 'Why do you not come to this party at Trenwith?'

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