The Life

The Life

Martina Cole

Language: English

Pages: 608

ISBN: 0755375599

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The most authentic novel of gangster family life ever written, from the No. 1 bestselling author. The Bailey brothers are gangsters determined to make their mark in the world. Peter and Daniel are chalk and cheese in many ways - Peter's calm exterior belies his ruthless nature, while Daniel's penchant for spectacular violence is legendary - but together they are unstoppable. From the late seventies they rule London's East End and, when their sons join the business, it seems that no one can touch the powerful Baileys. Although it's never easy at the top; there is always someone waiting to take you down - sometimes even those closest to you ...Lena Bailey is determined to shield her youngest child Tania from the Life. But when a terrible tragedy occurs, Tania's eyes are opened to their world in a way that forces her to make an irrevocable choice that will determine her future.

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to take things to the extreme. I ain’t skanking off the family, though, just taking a percentage of the Allens’ earn. They acted so fucking flash, like they were doing us the favour, you know? So I strong-armed them. I should have told you, but I couldn’t.’ Danny Bailey was in a quandary; this was more complicated than he had anticipated. ‘If the old men were to find out about this . . .’ Petey nodded eagerly. ‘Precisely. But I have guaranteed the Allens’ silence. You see, I knew they needed to

granted, had known we didn’t have long left together. I would have made sure we didn’t waste a second of it.’ She was crying, the tears running down her face. Theresa smiled sadly. ‘Listen, child, we all wish that – it’s natural. Death is as much a part of life as living. We will all die, sweetheart, that is the only definite thing we will ever know. It’s hard, especially for the people left behind but, beggar or king, it comes to us all – no one can prevent it. That is why you need to enjoy

Rights reserved. ‘Mansion On The Hill’ Music and lyrics by Made Hamilton/Odie Hawkins/E. Evans/Ed Bereal/Piers Marsh/Simon Edwards/Jon Delafons/Robert Spragg Published by Chrysalis Music Ltd © 2003 Used with permission. All Rights reserved. ‘Keep Your Shades On’ Music and lyrics by Jake Black/Piers Marsh/Robert Spragg/Jon Delafons/John Jennings Published by Chrysalis Music Ltd © 2005 Used with permission. All Rights reserved. ‘You Don’t Dance To Techno Anymore’ Music and lyrics by

they don’t trust us, Pete, they see us as their fucking enemies. They are wondering what we are going to do to them.’ Peter smiled. ‘Exactly. And we can work with them. They’ll work with whoever is running the show, Dan. We can use this as our chance to recruit more of the real workers. We already have the bully boys and the fucking romancers. What we should be concentrating on is the real earners. And we should be making sure that they are working for us. They don’t give a shit who they answer

was just another young girl trying to lose herself, and all she came from, and she had done a good job up to now of avoiding anything to do with the law, the courts, and the social services. She worked for her boy, her little Bernard. He was all that mattered to her. Now, though, despite her good intentions, she had fallen for Liam Bailey of all people! She was just waiting for him to leave her, waiting for him to let her down. She was willing to enjoy him while she could, knowing that he would

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