The Law of Desire (Encounters)

The Law of Desire (Encounters)

Talia Carmichael

Language: English

Pages: 155


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An Encounters novella

Brian Holmes has been too busy building the fire investigation unit he heads to think of getting involved with anyone. But when he meets rancher Vic Masterson in the middle of an unexpected shootout, he’s drawn to him just the same. Brian doesn’t know what he wants, so he decides to wait it out. Of course, that doesn’t mean they can’t explore a few kisses in the meantime.

Vic is willing to go along with the experiment, but he wants Brian for keeps. Let Brian call the shots; Vic will make sure things go his way. Each moment they spend together makes Vic more certain there’s something special growing between them, but for the experiment to be a success, he has to make Brian see they’re a perfect match for the long haul.

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investigators could make it. As he passed the various other offices along the hall, he noticed the two men working with him today were already in the office they shared. His crew worked as teams when investigating fires. During the day shift, there were only two teams in-house at the station, while another team was on call if needed. At night, another two teams were there overnight, while another was on call. Usually, he worked alone and was the one who backed up everyone. With their workload,

good ammunition without a target. Not that he was about to stand and give them one. “None of the mister stuff. I’m Victor Masterson. Although only my mama calls me by Victor, and usually when she’s pissed at me about something. I prefer Vic.” At the mention of his name, Brian knew who he was. Well, more like knew of him. Vic, along with his two brothers and three cousins, owned the Masterson Ranch—their family ranch. When he first returned to Encounters, Brian had made it a point to visit the

things about the work Kevin was doing and that he learned fast. Finally, when he’d signed the last sheet, Vic rose and walked to his door, then across the hall to Kevin’s office. He wasn’t there, but Vic gladly dumped the papers into Kevin’s in-tray at the corner of the desk. He glanced around at the space Kevin had made his. Vic went to the bookcase, read the titles, and shook his head at all the computer books. He’d have to get Kevin some other books he could read for recreation. Vic returned

meetings these last few days that were eye-opening, with others who have been going through the same harassment and bullying you have. They are throughout the stations I handle. And I didn’t know what was happening. I understand that complaining is not what you all do, but damn it, man. I do not like hearing my men are working under such conditions.” The chief sat back and tapped his finger on his desk. “I might not agree with who you sleep with. To be honest, I can’t understand how two men could

problems too. Kevin was smart, and Vic knew Fred had been making sure he got his degree. Now, as a result of Dan doing the shit he had, that was being derailed. Fred already had enough on his plate dealing with Dan’s crap. “You’ve gotta give it to him. Kid’s got balls to come to you like a man instead of trying to hide.” Vic jerked, then settled, glaring at Nate as he sauntered around the corner from the front porch. “Christ, Nate. You could have said something to let me know you were there.”

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