The Last Good Day

The Last Good Day

Peter Blauner

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0316098736

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lynn and Barry Schulman moved their family to the leafy suburb of Riverside, New York, to be surrounded by family and old friends and escape the danger of city life. But when a headless body-which turns out to belong to Lynn's oldest friend-floats to the surface of the river, they realize Riverside may not be the sanctuary they were seeking. Instead, it's a town fraught with tension and simmering with sexual intrigue. Amid the McMansions bought with boom-economy bonuses and SUVs driven by soccer moms lurks a creepier sense of paranoia and a more sinister web of violent crimes than city dwellers could ever dream of.Stalked by Lynn's old boyfriend and terrorized by a menace that seethes beneath the seemingly placid routine of commuting, play dates, and white-wine evenings, Lynn and Barry engage in a primal fight for their lives and their future together. In this vivid and powerfully imagined thriller, Peter Blauner taps into the darkest fears of contemporary America. This bone-chilling story is further proof of what James Patterson has said of Peter Blauner: 'Nobody writing suspense novels does it as well.'

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just wish she were alive to hear this now.” Barry fixed him with a cold level stare. “So are you going to help me or not, Richie?” His cousin sighed, not really wanting to relinquish the moment. “What is it exactly that you want me to do?” “I was thinking we could try to speed up the process. What difference does it make if the date on the application is today or three months ago?” “You want me to falsify a date on a permit application?” “Don’t look at me like I’ve got three heads.” Barry

schoolteachers, Chamber of Commerce types, soccer moms, slacker dads, go-for-the-throat Wall Streeters, and, surprisingly, even a few local pot dealers who apparently held no grudge. It took a funeral to show the man knew everybody. Reverend Ezekiel P. Philips thundered from the pulpit about how Harold paid the price for being a pioneer, and sitting near the back, Lynn understood the larger point he was trying to make. But Emmie seemed far closer to the spirit of the man when she got up afterward

theme restaurants. She missed being the center of their universe—the Golden Idol on an island where no one could swim. But she tried to tell herself it was a good thing, all this growing independence. Who wanted to be worshiped all the time anyway? Still, a part of her could not quite accept that time was passing, that something forged so deep in the well-spring of her body could just paddle away without a backward glance. Clay’s brow began to furrow. “Mom?” “What?” “Why’re all your stories

couldn’t get any messages from his new girlfriend.” Lynn smiled wanly, the gloom lifting momentarily. “And what about the wedding at the Waldorf with five hundred guests and Lester Lanin’s Orchestra and the shoes for the bridesmaids all dyed matching robin’s-egg blue?” Jeanine dangled her wrist as if her hand was dripping with diamonds. “It figures she wouldn’t just die like a normal person, in an old-age home,” said Anne Schaffer, wincing as she used both hands to move her leg in its massive

be sued by a member of this community for harassment. Other than that, you’re doing a hell of a job.” “I’m sorry I embarrassed you, Harold. Is that what you want me to say?” “I’m not the one you need to apologize to.” “Oh, screw this.” Mike slapped a mosquito on the side of his neck. “You guys are going to let this case slip right through your fingers.” “You’re not giving me any choice.” Harold lowered his voice. “There’s going to be a disciplinary hearing if Lynn and her husband press

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