The King Without a Kingdom (The Accursed Kings, Book 7)

The King Without a Kingdom (The Accursed Kings, Book 7)

Maurice Druon

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0008144869

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

‘This was the original GAME OF THRONES’ George R.R. Martin

Available for the first time in English, THE KING WITHOUT A KINGDOM is the seventh and final volume of The Accursed Kings series.

The reign of the Capetian kings has ended and John II, ‘The Good’, takes the throne.

Under the leadership of this vain, cruel, incompetent monarch The Hundred Years War escalates and England and France begin to tear each other apart. Warring factions plunder the land, famine threatens the people and the Black Death spreads far and wide. France is bleeding to death around the new king…

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‘Who are you?’ ‘I am Denis de Morbecque, knight, but for the last five years in the kingdom of England, since I cannot remain in yours.’ Morbecque, convicted of murder and the crime of private war, the brother of that Jean de Morbecque who works so well for the Navarrese, who negotiated the treaty between Philip of Évreux and Edward III. Ah! Fate did things well and added spice to misfortune to make it all the more bitter. ‘I will give myself up to you,’ says the king. Throwing his battleaxe

with you … the remonstrances are not totally unjustified. Amongst those appointed by King John to his government, I know there are some who are worthless, and even downright scoundrels. It is natural that a man should increase his own fortune when in high office, otherwise nobody would take on the burden or the risk. But one should be careful not to overstep the limits of dishonesty and look after one’s own affairs at the expense of public interest. And above all, one must be capable. And King

request. Little Joan of Navarre, throwing herself at the king’s feet, recited in fine fashion the lesson that she had learned: ‘Sire my father, it cannot be that my husband could have committed the slightest treachery against you. If he has acted badly, it is because traitors took advantage of him. I beseech you, for my sake, to forgive him.’ Madame of Évreux, shot through with sadness and with the authority that age conferred on her, said: ‘Sire my cousin, as the eldest to have worn the crown

neighbours had to stamp on the bishop’s foot to get him to correct himself, and put on record that it was not in the power of the estates to depose a king, only the pope might, at the request of the three estates. Well, the dauphin left yesterday, Monday, taking his people with him – for Metz, he too. With two thousand horses. As an excuse he cited messages received from the emperor, obliging him to attend his Diet for the good of the kingdom. Yes, and above all, my message. He has heard me. With

Lancaster had left the cannons in the charge of Don Sanche López, who had carefully avoided using them up until now. And there are the cannon muzzles poking through the holes made in the castle walls and shooting at close range into the rolling tower, bursting open the covering of cowhides, flattening rows of men on the platforms, shattering pieces of the wooden frame. Try as they might to join in the battle, the archpriest’s ballisters52 and catapults cannot prevent the firing of a second

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