The Kennedy Autopsy

The Kennedy Autopsy

Jacob G. Hornberger

Language: English

Pages: 85

ISBN: 1890687235

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For half a century, people have debated the Kennedy assassination. Some claim that the Warren Commission got it right - that Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, a lone-nut assassin. Others contend that Kennedy was killed as part of a conspiracy. It is not the purpose of this book to engage in that debate. The purpose of this book is simply to focus on what happened at Bethesda Naval Hospital on the evening of November 22, 1963. What happened that night is so unusual that it cries out for truthful explanation even after all these years. In this book, you will learn that 1. Kennedy's body was actually delivered to the Bethesda morgue twice, at separate times and in separate caskets. 2. Some photographs and x-rays from the autopsy went missing from the record, and other photographs in the record were forged or otherwise fraudulent. 3. The president's body was altered by tampering with the wounds before the autopsy took place. And much more.

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that Kennedy had been shot from the sixth-floor window of the Texas Book Depository. In addition, three commission members “failed to understand” the trajectory of the slugs, Ford said. Ford told DeLoach that commission discussions would continue and reassured him that those minority points of view on the commission “of course would represent no problem,” one internal FBI memo shows. An obvious question arises with respect to the neck wound. On the surface of things, the failure of the

brain examination that he photographed. Consider this testimony by Stringer before the ARRB: Gunn: Based upon these being basilar views of a brain and based upon there being no identification cards, are you able to identify with certainty whether these photographs before you are photographs of the brain of President Kennedy? Stringer: No, I couldn’t say that they were President Kennedy’s. I mean, there’s no identification. All I know is, I gave everything to Jim Humes, and he gave them to

though the body was sitting in some foreign country, and it’s not as though the autopsy would take weeks or months to conduct. The autopsy would be conducted in Texas and would take no more than three or four hours. The new president, Lyndon Johnson, could have immediately flown back to Washington, allowing Mrs. Kennedy to return a few hours later on Air Force Two with her husband’s body. Isn’t that the way we would ordinarily expect the government to conduct itself? Indeed, why would Johnson

evidence of shots from the front necessarily depended on having a communist in custody. Thus, the problem is that when the first step of this national-security plan to protect America from an illegitimate nuclear war was implemented, there was no communist in custody yet. Or more precisely, there had not been enough time to ascertain Oswald’s connection to Cuba and the Soviet Union and to think about what to do about it before implementing a national-security plan to suppress evidence that shots

was directing and controlling the course of the autopsy? To this day, the American people don’t know the identity of that person. For almost 50 years, the U.S. military has succeeded in keeping his identity secret. And don’t forget: that autopsy room was filled with admirals and generals who were witnessing how the autopsy was being conducted, none of whom has disclosed the identity of that person to the public, confirming that military men do in fact keep secrets very well, especially when they

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