The Keeping Place: The Obernewtyn Chronicles 4

The Keeping Place: The Obernewtyn Chronicles 4

Isobelle Carmody

Language: English

Pages: 576

ISBN: 0375857702

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When a Misfit is kidnapped, Elspeth finds she has little choice but to join the growing rebellion against the Council. Her extraordinary mental powers could tip the scales of the struggle, but Elspeth feels torn between toppling the corrupt authoritarian regime and seeking clues vital to a more personal quest—her ambition to destroy what remains of the Beforetime weaponmachines.

The Evolutionist

Founders: A Novel of the Coming Collapse

After The Ending (The Ending, Book 1)

Wavesong (Obernewtyn Chronicles, Book 5)











legs, but Gahltha’s teeth closed painfully on my shoulder. “Do not expose yourself, Elspethlnnle!” he sent urgently. He insisted with brutal clarity that far more would die than those gathered here if I were to perish. Gahltha commanded the other horses to guard me with their lives, and I felt him gather himself to attack the soldierguard captain. “No! No, Gahltha!” I screamed as he moved toward the soldierguards, and I flung myself after him, grasping onto his mane. “Fire again!” the

velvet voice. 26 MALIK’S FACE WAS heavy with thwarted rage. Incredibly, he seemed oblivious to the sounds of suffering around us, blind to the fact that dozens of Misfits, soldierguards, and horses lay dead or injured. It was as if they did not exist to him. “Is this what you wanted?” I whispered. “Does it please you to see children and innocent beasts lying in their lifeblood, as well as soldierguards who need not have died?” “No one was killed by my men,” Malik mocked as his men rounded up

again, this time with a closed fist that glanced off the side of my head and knocked me to the ground. “Get up,” he said coldly. I struggled to my knees with difficulty and wondered what Malik wanted from me. I was answering his questions truthfully, and he could have no idea that we knew of his bargain with the Herders. “Get up,” Malik said once more. Trembling, I obeyed. When he stepped toward me, I instinctively lifted my bound hands to protect my face, but he sank his closed fist into my

as simply a sleeper. Dragon must now be considered a problem that we must resolve.” I felt a surge of anger at the furureteller’s cool summation. “She has not harmed me,” I snapped. “Not yet,” Maryon said. “What do you suggest?” I demanded. “Should she be killed so that you can futuretell unhampered and I can feel safe?” They all stared at me, and I felt my face drain of blood at the awfulness of my words. “I’m sorry. That was unforgivable and unfair. I… I just can’t bear to think of her

encampments, the Councilcourt, and the holdings of Radost, Jitra, and Mord, preventing the possibility of any group aiding another. This was to be accomplished with as little noise and bloodshed as possible, thereby keeping the general populace unaware of what was going on. Serba would have some of her people from Port Oran watching the ferry port to ensure no one slipped away to warn the west coast Councilmen. If all went according to plan, Sutrium would be in rebel hands by dawn. But Serba

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