The High Graders

The High Graders

Louis L'Amour

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0553278649

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The story was that Eli Patterson had died in a gunfight, but Mike Shevlin knew it couldn’t be true: the man who’d been like a father to him had been a Quaker. But when Shevlin rides back to Rafter Crossing to uncover the truth, he finds that the quiet ranching community has become a booming mining town. Newfound wealth has not made Rafter a peaceful place, however, and the smell of fear and greed is thick in the air. As Mike Shevlin tries to unravel the mystery of Patterson’s death, he is led deeper and deeper into a conspiracy that controls not only the fate of Rafter Crossing but the heart of a beautiful but tormented young woman—and Shevlin’s own destiny.

Ride the Moon Down (Titus Bass, Book 7)

The Drop Edge of Yonder

The Rise of Ransom City (Half-Made World)

.45-Caliber Deathtrap (.45-Caliber, Book 4)

Black Sun: The Battle of Summit Springs, 1869 (The Plainsmen Series, Book 4)












hit the broad side of a barn.” Burt Parry was waiting in front of the Nevada House when Shevlin returned with his packages. “Lady waiting for you,” he said, “in the dining room. I heard her asking for you.” He went inside and passed under the arch into the dining room. It was Eve, and she was alone. “You wanted to see me?” “I want to offer you a job. At the Three Sevens.” “I heard the cow business was in a bad way around here.” Lowering her voice, she said, “Mr. Shevlin, we need men like

other occupied bunk. Deek Taylor, a lean, lantern-jawed man with hard eyes, was there and he was looking at Shevlin with no pleasure. “I’m talking to him,” Shevlin said, jerking a thumb at Mason. “Are you in this or out of it?” “Well, now, that depends.” “Not a damn’ bit, it doesn’t. You speak up now. If you’re in it, you can have a belly full. If you’re out of it, you keep your trap shut and lie quiet and you won’t get hurt.” “Hurt?” Taylor swung his legs to the floor. “Well, now—” As his

angry than frightened, but Red was triumphant. His triumph, however, was beginning to wear thin, for he was no longer so sure that he had judged right in kidnaping this girl. It had been simple enough, back there at the Nevada House. He knew that Laine Tennison represented trouble, and he had guessed she was one of the owners of the mines, or was associated with them. He had acted promptly, and upon impulse, as he did most things. Mike Shevlin was gone, and it could only be the girl in the

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know, the gold from no two mines is exactly the same. It is difficult to dispose of gold without it being known, and no sales have been reported from this area, no gold has appeared that cannot be accounted for. “You think I am only a foolish girl, but believe me, Mr. Shevlin, my grandfather treated me like a son in many respects, and among other things he taught me a great deal about business, and a great deal about gold and the marketing of gold. “The Pinkertons checked on gold sales for me,

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