The Green Knight

The Green Knight

Iris Murdoch

Language: English

Pages: 472

ISBN: 0140243372

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Full of suspense, humor, and symbolism, this magnificently crafted and magical novel replays biblical and medieval themes in contemporary London. An attempt by the sharp, feral, and uncommonly intelligent Lucas Graffe to murder his sensual and charismatic half-brother Clement is interrupted by a stranger—whom Lucas strikes and leaves for dead. When the stranger mysteriously reappears, with specific demands for reparation, the Graffes’ circle of idiosyncratic family and friends is disrupted—for the demands are bizarre, intrusive, and ultimately fatal.

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miserable seeking for moral perfection. Remember Eckhart’s advice (for which he was deemed a heretic): do not seek for God outside your own soul. My more worldly advice to you is as follows. Leave your hovel in the East End, which by now even you must see to represent a preposterous falsehood. Do not seek solitude. Return to some small flat near to your friends, and get a job (not unlike the one you left) wherein you can be extremely busy every day relieving the needs and sorrows of others. And

soon what is of immediate importance – for there are, after this – miraculous, if you like, return of my memory, things which must be done soon – and you must help me do them.’ ‘I will do anything for you. But what do you mean by God, how does one forget God and then remember him?’ ‘You told me that you wanted to enter a religious house.’ ‘Yes. But now I have decided not to.’ ‘I also have sought enlightenment, not in Christianity, but in Buddhism. When I was young I was wild and wanton, I was

the latter has been achieved. As I have explained to Bellamy, who will explain to your brother and to the ladies at Clifton, I have, to put it briefly, remembered my religion. I am, as I told you, Jewish (and, as I told you, I believe that you are too). But I am also a Buddhist, and have undergone a considerable period of disciplined meditation. The shock of that second encounter or ‘event’ has brought me back again to my ‘right mind’. This is to admit that the view of me as ‘deranged’, held I

but I am afraid I cannot see any way in which I could. This brief quiet talk is certainly in order, and may be, in its way, a relief to both of us. Let us be gracious to each other and be content with just this meeting, for which I can well understand your desire. There is little to say. Perhaps we have already said it. I say sincerely that I wish you well.’ Mir, who had been looking at Lucas with a slight frown, said, ‘Where’s the other chap, I mean your brother?’ ‘The other chap is working in

kitchen. ‘What’s the matter, boy.’ ‘Nobody noticed I had a stick today, not the crutches.’ ‘I noticed.’ ‘You said nothing.’ ‘You are better?’ ‘No.’ ‘That ordeal you were looking for, have you had it? You look rather distraught.’ ‘Nothing has happened, nothing.’ ‘Well, we can’t talk now. What is this thing of Lucas’s?’ ‘I don’t know. It sounds gruesome.’ ‘Have you seen your mother lately?’ ‘No.’ ‘You ought to see her.’ ‘Everyone says that.’ ‘Tessa keeps an eye on her.’ ‘Oh – !’

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