The French Beauty Solution: Time-Tested Secrets to Look and Feel Beautiful Inside and Out

The French Beauty Solution: Time-Tested Secrets to Look and Feel Beautiful Inside and Out

Mathilde Thomas

Language: English

Pages: 140

ISBN: 1592409512

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Cofounder of the international beauty company Caudalíe shares the simple, natural, time-tested beauty secrets she learned growing up in France that any woman can use to look younger, healthier, and more radiant without harsh products or drastic procedures.

When Mathilde Thomas moved from her native France to the United States to expand her skin-care company, Caudalíe, she wanted to find out what American women wanted from their beauty routines. She interviewed thousands of women and was struck by how different the French and American approaches to beauty were. American women are all about the quick fix—the elusive product or procedure that will instantly solve a nagging beauty problem, even if it hurts, is wildly expensive, or is damaging in the long term. The French, by contrast, approach beauty as an essential and pleasurable part of the day, a lifelong and active investment that makes you look and feel good.

Mathilde used these insights to turn Caudalíe into one of America’s top beauty brands. Drawing on her company’s twenty years of scientific skin-care expertise backed by the research of doctors and dermatologists—as well as the beauty secrets she learned growing up on a vineyard in Bordeaux—The French Beauty Solution covers everything from how to use natural ingredients such as oil and honey to wash your face; what foods to eat for healthier hair, skin, and nails; and the amazing properties of grapes and grapeseed oil. She also introduces an easy three-day grape cleanse that European aristocrats have been using to detox for hundreds of years. Blending stories, science, DIY recipes, and tons of savoir faire, The French Beauty Solution is the last beauty regimen you’ll ever need.

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levels of vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene from the inside. A basic one-a-day multivitamin/mineral supplement for women is usually a good idea for chronic dieters, if only to ensure that you get enough calcium and iron. A good probiotic will keep the beneficial bacteria in your intestine flourishing. Some women like to take biotin for stronger nails or hair, although few people actually lack normal levels; if you do, be aware that it can take from two to six months before you’ll see results. If

make you more prone to visible signs of stress, which you don’t have much control over. However, you do often have a say in how to deal with the stress. The examples we discussed in chapter 3 are a great place to start. What and how you eat. As you learned in chapter 2, a diet full of fresh and potent nutrients will keep you looking vibrant when a diet of junk food will not. Even yo-yo dieting, which stretches skin, can damage your skin’s elasticity, making it droopy. (See this as yet another

THE WORST INGREDIENTS Before you read about the best skincare ingredients, this list will help narrow down your choices by indicating which ingredients to avoid. Unfortunately, these are very common because they are inexpensive and get the job done—just not in the best possible way. If you can, check to see if the ingredient is plant derived or synthetic. Skincare companies often choose synthetics, as they are less expensive, but plant-derived products are generally more potent. ANIMAL

Pimples and/or blackheads or other skin imperfections Shiny skin Cheeks that can become dehydrated, even if the rest of your face is oily ABOUT ACNE Acne is not caused by eating chocolate or French fries. That’s a relief. But for women who suddenly develop acne as adults, it can be devastating to have such visible skin problems. Acne is an inflammatory disease that is caused by genetics, your fluctuating hormone levels, and the P. acnes bacteria. These hormonal changes affect how often your skin

for weeks or even months, then, yes, you will lose weight—but you should do a long cure only under medical supervision. Apart from how wonderful your skin will look, one of the best rewards of this quick cleanse is how it helps you recognize your eating habits and appreciate what true hunger is. Take a look at your hunger triggers and you’ll notice how much you actually do eat during the day, and when, and why. Following a restrictive plan like the Grape Cleanse is something nearly everyone can

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