The Floating Island (Pacific Basin Books)

The Floating Island (Pacific Basin Books)

Jules Verne

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 0710302924

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

First published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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But also in hundreds appeared enormous sharks, escorting Floating Island as if they were following a ship under way. This portion of the Pacific is the boundary of Polynesia, which here is bordered by Melanesia, in which the group of the New Hebrides is situated. [xx] It is cut by the hundred and eightieth degree of longitude—the conventional line which forms the boundary between the two parts of this immense ocean. When they reach this meridian, sailors coming from the east omit a day from

inasmuch as such accidents would render it the sport of the winds and waves? It is true that this accident was not due to the forces of nature, over which the Pearl of the Pacific had triumphed since its foundation. It was the fault of these intestine dissensions, these rivalries of the Milliardites, this unreasonable obstinacy of some to go south and others to go north. It was their immeasurable madness that had brought about the explosion of the Larboard boilers. But what was the good of

the town. And at first sight they were struck with the contrast presented by the European houses with the huts of the old Kanaka village, in which the natives obstinately persist in living. These dwellings are comfortable, healthy, charming in a word. Scattered along the banks of the Apia river, their low roofs are sheltered under an elegant sunshade of palm trees. There was no lack of animation in the harbour. This is the most frequented harbour of the group, and the headquarters of the

a notable difference.” The conversation ended, after the Superior had given divers details as to the customs of the Samoans. He added that if the majority belonged to the Wesleyan religion, Catholicism seemed to be making more progress every day. The church of the Mission was already too small for their services, and the school required early enlargement. He appeared very happy, and his guests rejoiced with him. The stay of Floating Island at the island of Upolu lasted three days. The

played the first of the pieces they had chosen for this concert. It was the second quartette in A minor, op. 13 of Mendelssohn, in which the royal audience took infinite pleasure. To this quartette succeeded the third in C major, op. 75 of Haydn, that is to say, the Austrian Hymn, executed with incomparable mastery. Never had executants been nearer perfection than in the intimacy of this sanctuary where our artistes had no one to hear them but two deposed sovereigns. And when they had finished

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