Horus Heresy: First Heretic

Horus Heresy: First Heretic

Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 1844168859

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Chastised by the Emperor, the Word Bearers set out on their own path - one that will eventually lead them to damnation and heresy…

  Distraught at the judgement of the Emperor, the Word Bearers cast their fury and fervour onto the battlefield. All the while they explore the old ways of Colchis, seeking their own path - one that can only lead to damnation and heresy…

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disengaged, hurling Corax backward with enough strength to leave his brother unbalanced. The Raven Lord compensated instantly, his flight pack breathing fire and propelling him back at his brother. Bladed wings flashed out to the side, but Lorgar was ready for them. He ignored their scraping, cutting wounds as they knifed through his armour, and focused on hammering Corax’s claws aside. In the seconds’ safety he bought for himself, Lorgar at last landed a true blow. Corax was sent sprawling again

stop shivering, no matter how she tensed her muscles to resist. The angels’ solar-sailing vessel was cold enough to make her teeth clatter together when she tried to shape words, and she wondered if her breath was misting as it left her lips. ‘Do you understand?’ the angel had asked. ‘Yes,’ she lied. ‘Yes, I understand.’ And then, ‘Thank you, angel.’ Soon, other humans came to assist her. They smelled of spicy incense and spoke in careful, serious voices. They walked for some time. It could

been greeted by a primitive culture that not only welcomed them, its people showed no fear at all in the face of giant armoured warriors striding through their midst. The Thunderhawk attracted some curiosity, though the primarch had warned Ingethel that the vehicle’s weapons were active, manned by Legion servitors who would open fire if the Cadians drew too close. Ingethel waved the curious men and women away from the Word Bearers gunship. The language she spoke was quick and flourishing, with a

upper torso was almost enough to kill the warrior outright. Vendatha staggered back, the guardian spear falling from slack fingers and crashing to the stone. Even with his face a burned and bleeding ruin, even with his helm wrecked and its twisted metal digging into his broken skull, he stared through the one eye that still worked. Xaphen reloaded. The primarch did nothing. The naked maiden tugged at Lorgar’s robe sleeve, imploring him to continue with the heathen rite, warning of the gods’

and red. Do you see? Ingethel had reared up to its full unnatural height, four stick-thin arms spread in benediction to the burning heavens. From jaws that couldn’t close, it spat out a rattlesnake’s hiss. Do. You. See. Argel Tal tore his gaze from the night sky. The observation deck was spacious, fitted with Spartan furniture that none of the Word Bearers were using. Each remained standing, bolters clutched in their hands. ‘I see a storm,’ said the captain. ‘Nothing more.’ ‘You and I both,

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