The Engines of God

The Engines of God

Jack McDevitt

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0441002846

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The first Priscilla Hutchins novel!

Humans call them the Monument-Makers. An unknown race, they left stunning alien statues on distant planets in the galaxy. Each relic is different. Each inscription defies translation. Yet all are heartbreakingly beautiful.

And for planet Earth, on the brink of disaster, they may hold the only key to survival for the entire human race.

Orchid Blue

The Beast God Forgot to Invent: Novellas

The Heart of Matter: Odyssey One

Lilith's Brood












She looked quite placid, a neighbor who had strolled in for a friendly visit. “I came by because I thought you and I should talk.” “Really? Why?” “Clear the air.” Her tone changed. “You sent over the foamball.” It wasn’t a question. And the directness of the statement took Hutch unaware. “Foamball?” She met the older woman’s eyes. Oddly, she saw no rancor in them. She would not ordinarily have hesitated to own up, take this woman on. But there was the question of Academy liability.

could hear them out there, tiny legs scratching against stone, claws clicking. But they seemed to be in the rear now. Neither Carson nor Janet would be able to walk without help. “We need to make a travois,” said Hutch, looking around for suitable dead limbs. George frowned. “We don’t have time for construction work.” He found a couple of dead branches and fashioned walking sticks. “Best we can do,” he said, distributing them. “Let’s go.” He directed Maggie to help Janet. And provided a

time, but not a hundred thousand years.” “Maybe the photos are simulated.” “Must be.” His eyes slid shut. The room was getting sunlight just then. It was warm and sleep-inducing. Something connected with the station had been bothering him when the business with the crabs started. He needed to think about it, to reach back and find it. “Janet,” he said, “think about the ruins for a minute.” “Okay.” “We didn’t really get to see much of the harbor city. But did it look to you like the kind of

northern hemisphere would, during these hours, have been looking at a fearsome sky, a blood-red sky, filled by a vast fiery river. The river knew no banks and no limits: it drove the stars before it, and even the sun was lost in the brilliance of its passage. 30. Delta. Saturday, May 21; 1010 hours. They watched the dragon rise, a massive cloudbank, swollen and infected. Streamers and tendrils rolled toward them, over the eastern horizon. The cameras had optical, infrared, X-ray, and

seen a fireball glide silently out of the northeast. They would have seen it are out to sea, and pass below the horizon. And anyone standing on the pier, even in the thick gloom, would have noticed a sudden brightening of the southern sky. She had slept during most of the flight down from Wink, so she was ready to work. Since she was too small to be of much assistance lugging containers around, she asked Eddie whether there wasn’t something she could do. He directed her to a storeroom where

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