The End of All Things (Old Man's War)

The End of All Things (Old Man's War)

John Scalzi

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0765376105

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hugo-award winning author, John Scalzi returns to his best-selling Old Man's War universe with The End of All Things, the direct sequel to 2013's The Human Division

Humans expanded into space...only to find a universe populated with multiple alien species bent on their destruction. Thus was the Colonial Union formed, to help protect us from a hostile universe. The Colonial Union used the Earth and its excess population for colonists and soldiers. It was a good arrangement...for the Colonial Union. Then the Earth said: no more.

Now the Colonial Union is living on borrowed time-a couple of decades at most, before the ranks of the Colonial Defense Forces are depleted and the struggling human colonies are vulnerable to the alien species who have been waiting for the first sign of weakness, to drive humanity to ruin. And there's another problem: A group, lurking in the darkness of space, playing human and alien against each other-and against their own kind -for their own unknown reasons.

In this collapsing universe, CDF Lieutenant Harry Wilson and the Colonial Union diplomats he works with race against the clock to discover who is behind attacks on the Union and on alien races, to seek peace with a suspicious, angry Earth, and keep humanity's union intact...or else risk oblivion, and extinction-and the end of all things.

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nodded to Wilson. “Harry is the one who can tell you what it was really like.” “And what was it really like?” Durham asked Wilson, turning to him. “Completely terrifying,” Wilson said, and everyone laughed. “Or it would have been, if I hadn’t been actively distracted by trying to stay alive on a trip through the Earth’s atmosphere. Which was also terrifying.” “That’s right, you skydived from Earth Station down to the planet.” “Yes, sir.” “Which means you’re the one who saved the U.S.

colonies know that when that happens you’re going to start preying on them to fill the Colonial Defense Force ranks. That makes them all nervous, makes them all finally question whether the Colonial Union has come to the end of its usefulness. “You start ordering shipping from other colonies for Phoenix Station, they’re going to want to know why. And when they find out that it’s because Phoenix is starving you from below, some of them are going to realize how weak you are right now and decide

you will get your body back. It’s a simple exchange. Do what you’re told, and you will be you again. Refuse and you will die, in pain.” What is it you want me to do? “Pilot and operate this ship. We have already told you this.” Where and for what purpose? “That comes later,” the voice said. What do I do now? I asked. “Now, you think,” the voice said. “You will think about what your choices are, and what the consequences of those choices will be. I will give you a day to think about it, here

Tarsem spotted some of the Lalan young, playing on a rock on the far side of the park’s small lake. “Any of yours?” he asked. Jokingly, because he knew I was too old for further egg-laying. But I answered him seriously. “One or both of them might be Umman’s,” I said. “He and one of the diplomats were in phase not too long ago and she laid her eggs here. Those young are just about the right size to be theirs.” There was a sudden squawk as an older youth emerged from behind the rock, wrapped its

said. Hado and Oi quieted. “No one will accuse anyone here of treason, or of faithlessness to the Conclave.” “It’s too late for that, General,” Sca said, speaking for the first time. It glowered at Abumwe. “Then let me say it plainly,” Tarsem said. “I have not accused either you or Unli Hado of treason or faithlessness, nor will I. In this particular case, this is a statement that matters.” “Thank you, General,” Sca said, after a moment. Hado said nothing. Tarsem turned to Abumwe. “You’ve

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