The Echelon Vendetta

The Echelon Vendetta

David Stone

Language: English

Pages: 528

ISBN: 0515144029

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

CIA agent Micah Dalton is a "cleaner." He takes care of other agents' mistakes. When a friend and mentor commits a grotesque suicide, Dalton's investigation leads him into the snare of a madman, into the arms of a beautiful, mysterious stranger-and into a conspiracy within his own agency. Dalton knows only one thing for certain-this job is going to get very messy.

Lost City (NUMA Files, Book 5)

Shadow Prey (Lucas Davenport, Book 2)

The Wreckage: A Thriller


The Abduction

Personal (Jack Reacher, Book 19) (US Edition)





















a snake-mean dog. No use else they snake-mean. Buy her from you, if you want. I’m Bill Knife. This is my place. No whites allowed in here. No offense.” “None taken, Mr. Knife. Is Wilson Horsecoat inside?” “Might be. Might not. Can’t say. What you want with him?” “Just some personal business.” “You federal?” “Yes.” “What kind of federal?” Dalton reached into his leather jacket and pulled out his Agency ID. He leaned down and held it out. Bill Knife leaned forward to squint at it, and then

the sense that the entry and execution, although elaborate and prolonged, had been successful. The killer had gotten into the town house, disabled the security. Spent his party time with the victims. And gotten clean away without leaving a trace. A pro at entry, at stealth, at not being caught. Perhaps, in addition, someone with access to an electronic cloaking device, a magnetic field radiator capable of burning out the sensors of digital cameras. Dalton had heard some vague rumors about gear

wounded. She opened her eyes and looked directly at him for a space of time that Dalton found hard to measure. He was aware of being considered. Judged. Not kindly. But there was no decision yet. “I read, in the papers, about an attack upon two men by the Palazzo Ducale. Two nights ago. This man who did this, was it you?” “Yes.” “I am told that both men are near death. One is in a coma.” “Yes. That’s true.” “And did you know what you were doing? When you did this? Was it your intention? To

sue the Agency, Stallworth.” “No? Others have.” He sat back, his expression neutral, looking at Dalton. “This salvia extract, Micah, the medics say it’s in your limbic system right now, and it could kick out at any time. You admit that you’ve had several hallucinations, the last one only a few days ago.” Dalton wasn’t going to give that puppy any air. “Stop right there, Jack. You took the SERE counterinterrogation course at Peary. The Biscuits dosed us up with LSD, other drugs, locked us up in

your time. Stallworth sent me out here to smooth you out and to see if you had a problem that we could help you with. That’s why I’m here.” Dalton left out the part about Sweetwater and whether or not Fremont’s worries had anything at all to do with Porter Naumann’s death. Fremont, shaken and off-balance, inclined to chatter, would get there on his own, if there was anywhere to go in the first place. “That’s what you do? Solve problems?” “Stallworth runs the cleaners for inland work. And

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