The Dragonfly Pool

The Dragonfly Pool

Eva Ibbotson

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0142414867

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A beloved New York Times bestselling author returns to paper!

At first Tally doesn?t want to go to the boarding school called Delderton. But soon she discovers that it?s a wonderful place, where freedom and selfexpression are valued. Enamored of Bergania, a erene and peaceful country led by a noble king, Tally organizes a dance troupe to attend the international folk dancing festival there. There she meets Karil, the crown prince, who wants nothing more than ordinary friends. But when Karil?s father is assassinated, it?s up to Tally and her friends to help Karil escape the Nazis and the bleak future he?s inherited.


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the kind you got by cutting classes. After this came ‘Domestic Work’, which seemed to be getting on all right on the whole, and Daley then decided to bring the meeting to an end with something that would unite everybody because it was so obvious that it couldn’t be done. He picked up the letter about the Folk Dance Festival. ‘I have had a request from the Ministry of Culture. It’s rather a strange request and I shall of course turn it down, but I thought you might like to know that we have been

trying to eat. And if we were looking for a Bourbon, like in the Royal House of France, we’d be searching for someone without a chin. But as it is . . .’ ‘I suppose he doesn’t have a birthmark?’ said Earless hopefully. ‘They’re a big help, birthmarks are.’ But Stiefelbreich had lost patience. ‘You can question the palace servants – no doubt you’ll find ways of making them talk. But if the boy isn’t found and brought here in the next twenty-four hours, God help you both.’ Matteo returned to the

them. Just join in and do what they tell you, and you’ll be in our tent in no time. And in the morning we’ll get you away to England.’ It was what Karil had longed for as he looked down at the lighted tents from the palace – to belong to the children that lived in them. Now he wanted nothing in the world except to have his father back. The procession had reached the meadow. Now they formed a circle with the Deldertonians closest to the gates of the hunting ground and the wooden lodge. Soon

to the wrong room and found herself lying on a stretcher, covered in bandages and labelled ‘Serious Burns’ in a first-aid practice. Aunt Hester and Tally filled sandbags in the park and tried to shoo off the little children who wanted the sand to make castles. New gas masks were issued, but Mrs Dawson, whose dachshund Tally took for walks, refused to be fitted for hers unless there was a gas mask also for the dog. The blackout began and Dr Hamilton’s surgery was filled with patients who had

and tanks and toppling houses as they saw them on the newsreels of the invasion of Poland. But not Tally. Tally, as the term progressed, painted the things she saw on her walks with Clemmy: rowan berries on laden boughs; late foxgloves; fallen leaves, veined and crimson on the grass – and Clemmy realized that Tally was seeking comfort in nature as people have always done when their lives have run into difficulties. ‘Nothing matters really when the world is so beautiful,’ said Tally – and Julia,

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