The Door to December

The Door to December

Dean Koontz

Language: English

Pages: 528

ISBN: 0451205421

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One of Koontz's best-loved novels of psychological suspense, The Door to December takes readers into the darkest recesses of the human mind-and into the tempest of a father's obsession.

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around the room, but the danger—if there had been any—seemed to have passed. She could no longer sense the malignant entity. Where had it gone? Why had it come and then left within seconds? She slipped back under the covers again and lay facing Melanie. The girl was terribly drawn, thin, and frail. I’m going to lose her, Laura thought. It’s going to come for her sooner or later, and It’s going to kill her like It killed the others, and I won’t be able to do a damned thing to stop It because

most secluded street of all. Beyond the massive pines and intermingled oaks that were almost equally enormous as the ancient evergreens, rose a brick wall the color of old blood, between seven and eight feet tall, capped with black slate and black iron spikes. The wall was so long that it seemed to delineate the property line of an institution—a college, hospital, museum—rather than that of a private residence. But in time Dan came to a place where the brick ramparts curved in on both sides of a

“Wouldn’t be so hard if you’d seen the bodies. Tell me about Dylan first. What did you think of him?” “I wasn’t head of the department when Dylan McCaffrey was here. I only moved into the top job a little more than four years ago.” “But you were teaching here then, doing your own research. You were on the faculty with him.” “Yes. I didn’t know him well, but I knew him well enough to know I didn’t want to know him any better.” “I understand he was very dedicated to his work. His wife—she’s a

You’ll be frozen out, isolated, shunned.” “Even if that’s true—and it isn’t—so what? I’m just a loner anyway. Remember? You said so yourself. You said I’m a loner. What do I care if I’m shunned?” For the first time, more worry than hatred was evident in Ross Mondale’s face. “You see?” Dan said. He smiled again, more broadly than before. “You don’t have any choice. You have to let me work on this case the way I want to work on it, without any interference, just as long as I want. If you mess

the night operator again from another phone, once he had slipped away from the FBI agent. On the phone, Lonnie said, “But they probably won’t be there much longer.” “Why not?” “Haven’t you heard? Mrs. McCaffrey and the kid won’t be needing our protection anymore—though she hasn’t decided to let us go just yet. She may want us to hang around too, but for the most part, you people are taking over for us. You’re giving them police protection.” “Are you serious?” “Yeah,” Lonnie said.

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