The Doom Brigade (Dragonlance Kang's Regiment, Vol. 1)

The Doom Brigade (Dragonlance Kang's Regiment, Vol. 1)

Margaret Weis, Don Perrin

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0786907851

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

War can get a fellow killed.

The fearless draconians of the War of the Lance have retired from the field of battle to a pleasant valley in the Kharolis Mountains. Well, it would be pleasant, if it weren't for some dwarves, whose irritating feuding prevents the draconians from realizing their greatest hope -- the ability to continue their doomed race.

When the dwarves discover a map leading to a fortune buried in the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin, the draconians are swept up in a feverish race for treasure. Little do both sides realize that they are part of the strange and terrible destiny descending upon Krynn during the Summer of Flame.

A desinty that includes the children of Chaos . . . the fire dragons!

The Doom Brigade is the first installment in The Chaos War series, stories set during the war of the Dragons of Summer Flame, the New York Times best-selling novel co-authored by Margaret Weis.

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comedian. Neidar! Ha, ha! That’s a good one! Why look at these dirty rascals. Do they look like Neidar to you?” “They look more like gully dwarves than anything,” the Theiwar said. “And what would Neidar be doing in Thorbardin? How would they get in? Unless you think the Hylar opened the Great Gate for us.” Selquist laughed loudly at the thought. His companions, with some prompting, laughed—a little sickly, but it was laughter. “Or maybe we crawled through a crack in the mountain!” Selquist

the wrong one. Perhaps he should resign, hand command over to Slith. Gazing into the heavens, he found the constellation that was His Queen’s—the five-headed dragon. Kang spoke to his Queen, not asking for magical spells, power, or glory. He begged her forgiveness. He asked her for help and guidance. And it seemed, by the peace that filled his soul—and the idea that She gave him—that help was granted. By morning, only half the officers on watch were still awake. The rest slumbered at their

wriggling arm. Green ooze spurted, splashing over Auger’s head, hitting him in the eyes. Blinded, he staggered about helplessly, wiping ooze from his face. The infuriated grell struck Auger with one of its undamaged tentacles, hitting him in the shoulder. Auger shrieked, his body convulsed. He pitched forward onto his face and lay unmoving on the ground. With Auger down, Mortar and Pestle entered the battle, began hacking at the grell with their axes and doing no good at all that Selquist

it. Do you remember that knight, Huzzad? I met her, back there when we were going through the mountains. She had a message for me from the Dark Queen. She told me I would find this wand down here.” The draconians stared at the wand in the darkness, their red eyes faintly gleaming. “Our Queen told me where to find it,” Kang repeated, his voice clear but hushed. “Huzzad came to me on the mountain. She spoke to me.” He told them all, told them everything. They listened silently, so silently that

at the pit, realized, now that he was close, that due to the angle from which he had entered, he hadn’t seen it all. What he’d seen was only a small portion of an enormous pit filled with fire and molten rock, magma that bubbled and churned. A head emerged. The head of a dragon, but not like any dragon Kang had ever before seen on Krynn. It was a dragon of fire. Its scales were black, the red of its fiery body glowing hideously beneath. Its mane was fire that crackled in the air. Opening its

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