The Dinosaur Hunter: A Novel

The Dinosaur Hunter: A Novel

Homer Hickam

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0312383789

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"A fascinating thriller, well crafted and relentless ... A cross between Tony Hillerman and Larry McMurtry, this is one hell of a good read.”--Douglas Preston, author of Tyrannosaur Canyon and Blasphemy

The cowboys who work on the ranchlands of Montana expect more than their fair share of trouble. One of them is Mike Wire, a former homicide detective. Mike is about to learn murder and mayhem can happen under Motnana's big skies, too. Beneath the earth lie enough dinosaur fossils to fill several museum collections---and make a fortune for whoever claims them first. Soon he will have to combine everything he learned as a cop with everything he knows as a cowboy to protect the people and the land he could never live without.

No Commitment Necessary (Encounters, Book 2)

Cowboy Crazy


Follow the Stone (Emmett Love, Book 1)

Preacher's Blood Hunt (First Mountain Man, Book 20)

The Californios














us?” Philip gulped. “Stretch your neck from here to Bozeman. Now, git!” The Marsh brothers fled the room and, after some grins and winks, the conversation turned to who had done these major affronts to our cow society. Frank said, “I saw a young fellow in a white truck the day after that big storm. He turned up toward Ranchers Road.” “I know who you saw,” Jeanette said and then told them about the young fossil collector. This started another round of talking. “You let a fossil collector go

last couple of days, he’d seemed almost cheerful. Mostly, he and Amelia weren’t talking, which maybe was helping his attitude. Or not. I couldn’t figure those two out. Laura squatted beside the brothers, felt their foreheads, checked their pulses, and said, “You’re both into heat exhaustion. Can you walk a bit farther? You need to get in the shade and cool down.” Numbly, both boys nodded their heads and staggered to their feet. Amelia and Laura led them back to camp with me pulling up the rear

could tell she just wanted to get this over with. We went inside the house, which was its usual mess. I was a little embarrassed for Jeanette when Pick walked in and looked around her dilapidated living room, furnished with an old sofa, a couple of overstuffed chairs with the stuffing peeking out of them in a couple of places, two mismatched end tables, and an old brass lamp with a tattered, dirty lampshade. Jeanette led us into the kitchen and pointed at the coffee pot and then the kitchen

sons looking at us from the fence. They raised their beers. “It was a joke, Jeanette,” Sam called. “Sam Haxby, I’ll take care of you later!” she yelled. She looked at me. “Sometimes, Mike, you disappoint me more than my heart can stand.” So much for amusement. I rallied as best I could. “I didn’t know I was supposed to hold his hand all day.” “That’s a lame excuse and you know it. I trusted you!” I started to mention the hours of labor (most of it free and above and beyond the call of duty by

grateful. Below, the Wolves were coming at us again, just raising hell with their automatic weapons. I doubted that they knew their helicopter had been blasted out of the sky since all the action had occurred on the other side of our hill. Standing before the bas relief of the mama T, Pick was screaming at the Russians to stop. It was none other than Cade Morgan who managed to scramble up to the dig. He proceeded to point a pistol at Pick, then stopped to look with awe at the great headless

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