The Diamond Approach: An Introduction to the Teachings of A. H. Almaas

The Diamond Approach: An Introduction to the Teachings of A. H. Almaas

John Davis

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 1570624062

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Diamond Approach has been developed and taught over the last twenty-five years by Hameed Ali (known chiefly by his pen name, A. H. Almaas), who is widely recognized as a leader in the integration of spirituality and psychology. This is the first book to introduce the complete spectrum of his teachings to a general audience.

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consciousness is free, the more it will respond to the call of Being. Being will manifest precisely in the ways that the situation calls for. As Being flows from the Absolute to its personal and physical dimensions, it becomes expressed or manifest, first as the Boundless dimensions, then by the Diamond dimensions, and then in an individual and personal way. When Being is expressed on this personal level, it is the most accessible and the most easily recognized. (And we should remember that all

diminished. We lose the sense of being unified and whole so much that we merely experience thoughts, feeling, actions, and desires as if they are happening by themselves. We’re not feeling the organism that is the site and source of all of these. But we are still that organism. That experience has been conditioned to such a degree that this organism has almost become not there, in some sense. We’re just aware of some kind of insubstantial awareness. We don’t recognize that this awareness is

final arguments that we can know these things only by remembering them. Everyone has some memory of these Essential forms. We have seen in our work here that a consistent characteristic of the experience of the Essential states is the feeling that you have known it before, you have been here before, you are recalling a somehow more fundamental reality which in the process of living your life you have forgotten. So we know that although we are generally unaware of it, this memory of Essence

having to deal with some conflict-laden sectors of the personality. So it is obvious how differences arise between the different systems and teachings and how this can lead to prejudice and sectarianism. If only some Essential aspects are developed, then some sectors of the personality are not understood, which will bring about various kinds of distortions. This is a very tricky situation to discern, especially for the individual concerned. When we experience our Essence, when we see the

Being as a unity that is beyond description and not to distinguish separate dimensions. The Diamond Approach is open to both perspectives and responsive to the specific needs of the student and the situation. Here I will briefly summarize the five Boundless dimensions in the hope that it will help make these deeper levels of experience more accessible to us. DIVINE LOVE The dimension of Boundless or Divine Love is often the first one encountered beyond the personal dimensions of Being. Through

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