The Complete Outdoorsman's Handbook: A Guide to Outdoor Living and Wilderness Survival

The Complete Outdoorsman's Handbook: A Guide to Outdoor Living and Wilderness Survival

Jerome J. Knap

Language: English

Pages: 108

ISBN: 0919364624

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The title says it all.

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Indians weren't troubled by these bugs. They were and are, but they also had a philosophical attitude that these insects were unavoidable and they had to put up with them. Clouds of blackflies did not excite them nor frighten them - as much as they do some white men. However, I have observed that many of the younger Indians in the northern bush are reacting to mosquitos and blackflies as badly as some white men. Our race is not the only one whose children have gone soft. Another good defense

this friction. Automatic oiling during cutting is considered by some to be an important feature, as it requires less conscious effort than saws with manual oiler buttons. One important aspect of any chain saw should be "feel" or operator comfort. Newer chain saws tend to have all the controls (on-off switch, throttle, oiler, choke buttons, and so on) conveniently located near the handle, and handle vibration has been almost completely eliminated. Operator comfort also includes noise reduction.

Recorded bird songs are an excellent way to learn to identify the songs of birds. However, there are things that books and people can explain, but never really teach. To become a good outdoorsman, one needs exposure to the out-of-doors, but one also needs some basic aptitudes - keen powers of observation and an alert mind capable of rational and logical thinking. Unfortunately not everyone possesses these traits. Some people never learn to think or to see beyond the obvious. With many people it

throw sparks. So exhibit caution and vigilance against possible forest fires. Gasoline and oil from a downed aircraft can be used to start big flash fire when a search aircraft is used. A bed of grass or soml~ cloth can be used for this gasolineoil fire. Three of anything - three shots, three whistle blasts, three flashes of a signal mirror - is the international distress code. This is the code you should use when signalling to searchers. GROUND-TO-AIR SIGNALS After you have prepared your

only other mammals that can be killed with a club are lemmings and mice. Lemmings in particular may be a very important source of survival food in the Arctic regions. Such aquatic mammals as beavers and muskrats are also easily killed with a club, if you can catch them on shore. If you see beaver activity, watch carefully. Sit down and wait. Perhaps you can catch one by cutting off its escape route once it goes on land. Other simple weapons are: throwing sticks for birds and small mammals, a

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