The Complete Guide to Drying Foods at Home: Everything You Need to Know about Preparing, Storing, and Consuming Dried Foods

The Complete Guide to Drying Foods at Home: Everything You Need to Know about Preparing, Storing, and Consuming Dried Foods

Terri Paajanen

Language: English

Pages: 175

ISBN: 2:00229344

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Food dehydration is not just for prunes and raisins any more; a recent U.S. study revealed that the dried and dehydrated food industry made more than $6 billion in revenue in 2009 alone. Thanks to advances in technology, dehydrating foods at home has become easier than ever, allowing you to lock in food s nutritional value while eliminating the water content that causes foods to grow bacteria and mold. Drying foods also gives you a source of raw, nutrient-rich food that is easily available and requires no additional preparation. The Complete Guide to Drying Foods at Home provides you with all the information necessary for drying fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, grains, and even dairy products. This book will provide you with instructions on how to dry foods using a food dehydrator and will also offer you simpler alternatives for how to dehydrate foods using an oven, microwave, or even the sun. You will learn what equipment you need to get started and how to properly store your food to ensure optimal freshness. This book also provides you with recipes for any meal of the day, whether you are looking for an easy breakfast alternative or a quick soup you can prepare for lunch. You will even learn how to prepare foods for young children and pets. Drying your foods will not only provide you with timesaving options for ways to prepare your meals, it will also allow you to reduce the amount of food you throw out each month. Researchers at the University of Arizona found that the average family wastes 14 percent of their food purchases; learning how to dehydrate and store dry foods can ensure the money you spend on groceries will not be thrown out with the trash. We have spent hundreds of hours interviewing dozens of experts who will provide you with all the information you need to start dehydrating your foods. We ve spoken with nutritionists and busy parents who advocate drying foods as a way to save time and still prepare healthy meals. This book is filled with delicious recipes and practical tips to help you and your family enjoy the economic and health benefits that dehydrated foods offer. Whether you are looking for money-saving dinner options or a quick recipe for a high-protein trail mix, The Complete Guide to Drying Foods at Home offers you all the information you need to start cooking and eating smarter.

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south of France. You can use this in nearly any kind of dish. The lavender is traditional, but the flavor may be unusual for anyone not used to it. Feel free to leave it out. • 2 ½ Tbsp. dried oregano • 2 ½ Tbsp. dried thyme • 2 Tbsp. dried savory • 2 Tbsp. dried lavender • 1 tsp. dried basil • 1 tsp. dried sage • 1 tsp. dried rosemary Pork Seasoning This blend can be used for anything from pork chops to a tenderloin. • 2 Tbsp. dried sage • 2

canning, you should omit this step and use the marmalade right away. Raspberry and Pear Cake Topping You need your own cake for this (pound cake or angel food cake), and this makes a rich fruity topping. This should make enough topping for about eight slices of cake, depending on how generous you are with each piece. • ½ cup dried raspberries • ½ cup dried pears, chopped • ½ cup water • ½ cup sherry • 1/3 cup cream cheese • ¼ cup whipped cream • 3

purchased in kernel form (either frozen or canned) or fresh kernels you have stripped off the cob. If you are going to try frozen kernels, you can just load up your trays with them still frozen. They thaw so quickly that it really does not affect your drying times. Dried corn will be hard in texture. If you have a grain grinder, you can make your own cornmeal or corn flour with the dried kernels. Dehydrator: Set at 120 F, eight to 12 hours. Sun drying: One to two days Oven: Set at

stew has thickened to your liking. Serve hot, and it will make about six servings. Beef Stroganoff Noodles This recipe uses weight for the beef to be more accurate; so get out your kitchen scales. You will get two servings from this recipe. • 1 oz. dried beef • 1/3 cup dried mushroom pieces • 1 tsp. dried parsley • ¼ tsp. paprika • 1 ½ cups water • 2 cups noodles or rice of your choice • 4 Tbsp. sour cream • ¼ cup milk Mix beef, mushrooms,

in a greenhouse, but it usually is done outdoors. This means less clutter in your kitchen during drying time. With outdoor drying, you can spread out when you have a lot of food to dry. No limitations on counter space, oven racks, or dehydrator trays. Drawbacks of sun drying Though it is free and spacious, there are a few considerable problems with using the sun to dry your food. The main problem is the lack of control. You can set an oven to a certain temperature and trust that it

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