The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes (Nancy Drew Mysteries, Book 41)

The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes (Nancy Drew Mysteries, Book 41)

Carolyn Keene

Language: English

Pages: 86

ISBN: B0026YXY24

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Nancy travels to Scotland with her father and her friends George and Bess to visit her great-grandmother and to try to find a missing family heirloom.

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crashing onto the beach! The next second it toppled over! The girls could hear screams and cries above the howling wind. “There are people in it! We must do something to help them!” Nancy exclaimed. Without thinking of the danger to themselves, the three girls took their raincoats and hats from the rear seat and quickly pulled them on. Nancy had shut off the engine and put on the hand brake. Opening the door was like pushing against a gigantic wave, but the girls finally managed it and

“Oooh!” cried Bess. “Donald, how could you?” Their driver grinned, then stopped talking, since traffic was becoming heavy. By the time they reached Edinburgh the evening rush hour was at its height. The streets were crowded with pedestrians and vehicles. The American visitors admired the fine buildings and the extremely clean streets. “Isn’t this a lovely city!” Nancy murmured. Donald drove up the broad main avenue, with its attractive shops on one side and lovely park on the other. On a hill

mountainside. As they neared the tree, Fiona said, “Aye, that is good. My cousin Ian is ahead!” Ian was the first to start down the slope. This feat seemed far more dangerous than going up. By now all four girls were looking at their wrist-watches. Fiona exclaimed, “I think my cousin will equal the record!” Ian did. His time was exactly twenty minutes, while his companions were clocked at twenty-five, twenty-eight, and thirty minutes. The Scottish girl introduced her cousin and the other boys,

girl asked, “Will you tell all this to the police?” “Yes, indeed, and also what happened at Mrs. Drummond’s.” Nancy’s brow furrowed in concentration. “Fiona, I wonder if the words ‘highway ditch’ in the message could mean a particular road on which the thieves travel.” Fiona looked surprised. “I thought you had decided it meant Mr. Dewar or one of his friends was to force your car into the ditch.” “That was only a guess. And my new theory is too. I wish I could decipher ‘lock rod’ and ‘wife

I’m sure you will play a big part in doing just that!” “Thanks for your confidence, Detective Drew,” Ned replied. “Any further assignments?” “Perhaps. There is something you should know.” She told about the bomb and the shattered note in the mailbox. As Ned whistled in astonishment, Nancy went on, “I made a tracing of the note. Before you go I’ll give it to you. Maybe you can find the person who wrote it.” Nancy also told Ned about Johnny Barto. “If you have a chance, you might drive over to

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