The Clue in the Jewel Box (Nancy Drew, Book 20)

The Clue in the Jewel Box (Nancy Drew, Book 20)

Carolyn Keene

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0448095203

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An antique dealer’s revelation about a former queen’s priceless heirloom starts Nancy on a trail of exciting adventures. Madame Alexandra, now living incognito in River Heights, asks Nancy to find her missing grandson. With only one clue to go on – a faded photograph of the prince at the age of four – the young detective begins her search. Nancy’s investigation unmasks a slick imposter and reunites the long-separated family in this suspense-filled story.

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Baum,” said Carson Drew, his tone ending the interview. “And thank you for calling.” As soon as the young man had gone, Hannah voiced her candid opinion of him. “If he’s a lost prince, then I’m a queen! Did you see the way he gobbled his food?” Mr. Drew frowned. “I guess he was very hungry.” Mrs. Gruen continued, “He didn’t show any refinement at all!” “He talked rather well at first,” Nancy remarked. “But toward the end he almost seemed like a different person.” “You forgot to give him the

lost photograph,” Mr. Drew reminded her. “I didn’t forget, Dad. I decided to keep it until I’m sure of his claims.” “Then you distrust Baum?” “Not exactly. I’ll admit I don’t like him. He doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to the boy in the photograph.” “Mark my words,” Hannah announced flatly, “he’ll never show up with any credentials.” The housekeeper’s prediction proved to be wrong. Francis Baum returned, bearing a package which contained a letter written by his former nurse, and a

appeared. “Are you sure he understood he was to come to our house?” “Oh, yes, Dad. I called him this morning.” Mrs. Gruen, who stood at the front door, said, “Someone’s coming down the street. He’s dressed in sports shirt and slacks, though.” “Then it couldn’t be Mr. Baum,” Nancy replied. “He’d be wearing dinner clothes.” “All the same, it looks like him. He has a suitcase and a German shepherd dog!” “A dog!” Nancy’s face darkened. “I can’t believe he brought that animal! I told him that his

the court servants. My footman helped me escape during the Revolution. When I fled, I took this little object with me.” “Is it your jewel box, Mrs. Alexandra?” “Yes. Is it not clever? I shall now reveal to you how it opens.” The woman reached for the small statue, but before she could show Nancy its secret, footsteps were heard on the staircase. “Quick, Madame!” exclaimed Anna. With amazing speed she snatched the Footman from Mrs. Alexandra and locked it in the chest, along with the other

another fruitless telephone call to the artist’s apartment, she became excited. “Oh, he must be in trouble!” she cried. “A search is to be started in half an hour,” said Nancy. “The boys are going to help. Of course you’ll join us?” “Yes, yes. Where do we go?” “To the Red Lion Inn.” “You think we may find a what-you-call ‘clue’ there?” Katherine asked, her face brightening. “That’s my hope. Mr. Ellington disappeared somewhere between Harbortown and the restaurant.” By the time the

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