The Chosen One (Grimsley Hollow Book 1)

The Chosen One (Grimsley Hollow Book 1)

Nicole Storey

Language: English

Pages: 364


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Eleven-year-old Gage Gilbert is autistic, loves Halloween, and has no friends. He longs to share real adventures – not just those conjured in his head.

A mysterious key leads him to Eve, a young witch from another world called Grimsley Hollow. It’s a place where all magical beings live in safety and peace, but their realm is in trouble. Gage is the only one who can save them from a nefarious witch who has taken control.

And the human world is next on her list.

With Eve’s help (along with a potty-mouthed pixy, a trouble-making werewolf, a half-vampire, and a couple of dragons) Gage travels to Grimsley Hollow and together, they embark on a journey that will change them all.

It’s a deadly race against evil, where extraordinary creatures stalk the land under a harvest moon and nightmarish monsters take form.

Gage wanted friends and adventure, but had no idea they would come at such a dangerous price.

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always more than the family could eat, Liv shared the garden’s bounty with neighbors. She donated the rest of its harvests to the local Food Pantry in town, which helped feed needy people in the area. A “pick your own” apple orchard took up three acres of their property. Several types of apple trees grew there and these, too, were shared with others. Five acres of their farm were lightly wooded areas devoted to the local wildlife, along with a small pond. Gage got out of the Jeep and stretched

know.” “Who?” Ladon demanded. The dragon leaned down close to the vampire and smoke blew from his nostrils. “Your father.” Gage, Eve, and Siren gasped as Ladon stood there under Samael’s watchful gaze. Gage felt so sorry for the young vampire. “I…I don’t understand,” Ladon stuttered. “I just don’t see why my father would have delivered a message like that! My mother was captured! He knew what was going on; why would he lie?” No one had an answer to his question. Realizing that Ladon played

this and more if it kept his friends safe. His only friends. The ones who accepted him just as he was. Gage knew that he was going to die. Inari wouldn’t kill him quickly; she planned to make him suffer, to make an example out of him so that when she plucked the Key from his body, the others would know what she was capable of. He didn’t care. He would die for them if he must. He would die for this magical land called Grimsley Hollow. Even through his horrible, excruciating pain, Gage felt anger.

plea to the Key: Please help me. Show me what to do. I’m sorry that I doubted myself and your power. The Key grew warm and began to vibrate against his chest; with every pulse, the spell against him grew weaker. He rolled over to his knees and slowly got to his feet. The image of an ancient page flickered in his mind, the words, “Believe in yourself” written over and over. Inari drew in a sharp breath and her eyes bugged as Gage, no longer in pain, stood before her with a look of hatred on his

would like to thank my publisher, Inknbeans Press, who believe in my book and want to help me spread its special message to all kids. Your encouragement means the world to me! I look forward to traveling this magical road with you and hope that we have many more adventures together. About The Author Nicole Storey lives in Georgia with her husband, two children, a cat who thinks she’s a tiger, and many goldfish. She enjoys reading and writing, gardening, and anything to do with Halloween.

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