The Castlemaine Murders: A Phryne Fisher Mystery

The Castlemaine Murders: A Phryne Fisher Mystery

Kerry Greenwood

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 1590582802

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Phryne Fisher, her sister Beth, and her faithful maid, Dot, decide that Luna Park is the place for an afternoon of fun and excitement with Phryne’s two daughters, Ruth and Jane. But in the dusty dark Ghost Train, amidst the squeals of horror and delight, a mummified bullet-studded corpse falls to the ground in front of them. Phryne Fisher’s pleasure trip has definitely become business. Digging to the bottom of this longstanding mystery takes her to the country town of Castlemaine where it soon becomes obvious that someone is trying to muzzle her investigations. With unknown threatening assailants on her path, Phryne seems headed for more trouble than usual. Meanwhile, Phryne’s lover Lin Chung has his own mystery to solve. Feuding families and lost gold fill his mind until he learns that Phryne herself has become missing treasure.

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of Egyptian Asses Milk Bath As Used By Cleopatra and left her to soak while she found a long, silky, autumn leaf patterned gown which Lin Chung had given Dot for her birthday. Phryne was seething with cold fury. It was one thing to threaten Phryne herself. But to attempt murder on Dot was another. When she found that motorcyclist she would chain him to the back of his own bike and take him for a nice long drag. Dried and dressed, Dot wanted to come downstairs again. To lie in her bed and watch

ladies are at school, Miss Eliza is still in her room and perhaps, Miss Fisher, you might care to enquire as to her health? Mrs. Butler felt sure that she heard her crying.’ ‘I’ll do that,’ said Phryne. ‘Can you obtain the number of the Imperial Hotel in Castlemaine? I want a private room, with bath if possible, and as far away from the street as they can manage. If they’re full, get me a room at the Cumberland. For tomorrow night and possibly longer. The game, Mr. Butler, is afoot.’ ‘Yes, Miss

with a napkin. ‘I believe that I can assist you. If you will come into the temple?’ Lin bowed to the diners and suggested that there was still ample if plain fare if they would do him the honour of eating it. In the temple, Ching Ta stepped past the recumbent old lady and spilled the box of offering scrolls onto the floor. ‘Right at the bottom,’ he said. ‘We may find something useful.’ Lin gathered an armload of the paper spills and sat down on the priest’s new bed to read them. The oldest

night that I could smell his breath. But I’m alive. Lin, did I hurt you?’ ‘Nothing like as much as you pleased me,’ he said. ‘Come and I’ll show you another way to defy death,’ he said, and touched tiny, delicate caresses to all the pressure points along her back. When he reached the lowest one she convulsed. ‘The theory is that each one of these points is a centre of ch’i,’ he told her. ‘That is, life force. Your ch’i has been disrupted by spending a lot of time tied to a chair in danger of

trailing, slightly outrageous red ostrich feather panache for her hair. Dot herself, slightly weak with relief, wore her favourite terracotta and ochre evening dress and a rather nice bandeau with an orange geranium in it. Lady Alice and Eliza were in their own room and emerged as Phryne and Dot reached the stairs. ‘So it’s all over, Miss?’ demanded Dot. She liked to be reassured. ‘Absolutely all over. The bad man is in jail and I would say that he has gone over the edge. He is probably

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