The Case of the Sulky Girl

The Case of the Sulky Girl

Erle Stanley Gardner

Language: English

Pages: 0

ISBN: 0345371453

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Unable to marry due to a stipulation in her late father's will--which states that she will lose his millions if she does wed--headstrong Frances hires Perry Mason to get around the clause, and soon he ends up solving a family murder. Reprint.

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trying to convey to me?" Blackman got to his feet with ponderous dignity. "I think, counselor," he said, "that you understand my errand perfectly. I think that I have stated my position fairly and frankly, and I do not care to commit myself by replying to the rather crude summary which you have attempted to make." Perry Mason pushed back the chair from his desk, stood with his feet planted well apart, his eyes staring at Blackman. "Don't think you can pull anything like that, Blackman," he

your banking affiliations, he would like very much to have you make note of the numbers of those bills and ascertain when the bills were presented for deposit at any bank in the city?" "Not exactly in those words," said Rayburn cautiously. "Did he state that he intended to use that money to make a payment to a blackmailer, and would like to find out the identity of the person who deposited the currency?" "Not in exactly those words," said the banker again. "I think," said Perry Mason,

Naturally, they're opposing my continuances. After I've got the D.A.'s office to make that opposition sufficiently vigorous, I'm going to admit that I'm licked, and let them bring the case on for trial." Drake shook his head. "They won't fall for that one," he said, "it's too old." "It won't be old the way I dress it up," said Mason. "What I want you to do is to play this rough shadow business on Mrs. Mayfield, and also on Don Graves. I want to see if we can't frighten some facts out of them.

reassuringly. Rob Gleason, sitting at her side, was haggard and drawn, showing the effects of the ordeal; his posture tense and strained, his eyes filled with a lurking fear. The girl was calm and collected, her eyes gave no hint of her feelings. Her chin was up, and her head back. Perry Mason leaned toward her. "Have confidence in me, please," he said. Only when she smiled at him was there evident the changes which had taken place in her during the ordeal preliminary to the trial. There was

payment, your uncle, acting with that cold-blooded efficiency which is so absolutely merciless, picked up the telephone and called Police Headquarters. "Crinston sat there behind him, watching dumbly, knowing that the words which Norton was to say next would lead to his confinement in a penal institution. He heard Norton say: 'Police Headquarters, I have a criminal matter to report,' and then Crinston acted upon a blind, murderous impulse. He struck Norton down without warning and probably

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