The Calling (Darkness Rising)

The Calling (Darkness Rising)

Kelley Armstrong

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0061797065

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A powerful secret. A desperate race for survival.

Maya and her friends are on the run. Having escaped a deliberately set forest fire and a fake rescue team with dark intentions, they were just beginning to feel safe again. Then their helicopter crashes near the Vancouver Island wilderness, and Maya and her friends realize they're about as far from safe as they can get.

But Maya has a secret. She can run faster, climb higher, and see better than nearly anyone else. It's part of who she really is—and it has something to do with her mysterious paw-print birthmark. Yet as Maya and her friends face unforeseen dangers, it becomes clear she's not the only one in their close-knit group who has something to hide. And if they're going to survive, they'll need all their extraordinary abilities to help them get back home.

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make it up that tonight. Except maybe the two-time island wrestling champ.” I struggled for a smile. “Don’t count on it. I’m running on fumes here.” “Let’s find a spot for the night then. We should be far enough from the crash site by now.” We headed off the deer trail we’d been following and found a clearing next to a dead tree that acted as a windbreak. Once Daniel and I pronounced it suitable, everyone pretty much just collapsed where they stood. Daniel and I were the last ones standing.

needed to. But Moreno didn’t try to scream for help. He just let Daniel lead him along, smirking, as if humoring us. “You taking me to the other kids?” he asked. “There aren’t any others,” Daniel said. “We’re the only ones who made it.” Moreno laughed. “Right. That’s sweet, protecting your buddies. Did you forget we have a source now? Little Nicky?” “Ni-Nicole?” I said. Daniel glanced back at me, his look warning me not to fall for it so fast. “We saw her get shot,” I said. “Um, yeah,

when you got dragged underwater, aren’t they?” “Yep.” “They’re fingernail gouges. You didn’t get caught on anything. You were pulled down. By a person.” She held up her hands, nails bitten to the quick. “It wasn’t me. And if that’s not enough proof, you can ask Corey. I was in front of him when Nicole went under. I wanted to help, but he told me to stay put. I did until he had her.” “Okay.” “You’re speculating that Hayley, Nicole, and Serena are the same supernatural type, right? Something to

dangling over the edge, his shoulders set. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I just never know whether you want to talk or don’t want to—” “I was going to break up with her.” He blurted it so fast, I wasn’t sure I understood. I lowered myself to sit cross-legged beside him. “You were …” “I was going to break up with Serena. End it. Dump her. Right before she died.” “Oh.” “Yeah, oh.” A sardonic twist of his lips. He went to stand. “Forget it. I shouldn’t have—” I caught his hand. “Don’t. You want to

said. “Personally, I wouldn’t care if the U.S. declared war on Canada. Doesn’t seem relevant under the circumstances.” “This is relevant.” I passed the paper to him and Sam. They read the first few lines. “How can they …?” Sam began. “That’s not possible.” “Well, apparently, it is,” I said. “They lost contact with our helicopter shortly after takeoff. Our flight disappeared. Search crews found the wreck last night.” “South of Vancouver Island?” Corey said. “Okay, my sense of location can be

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