The Blind Barber (Dr. Gideon Fell, Book 4)

The Blind Barber (Dr. Gideon Fell, Book 4)

John Dickson Carr

Language: English

Pages: 465

ISBN: 0060810386

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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Publish Year note: First published in 1934

The bunk’s mattress was soaked wit blood.
The old-fashioned razor was folded shut.
But it had been recently used. It was smeared with blood.

A voice broke the terrible stillness in the stateroom: “The Blind Barber Has Been Here Tonight!”

On an Atlantic crossing of the good ship Queen Victoria, a vicious killer is loose, and four high-living characters are hellbent to pin him down. Dr. Gideon Fell soon finds himself up to his chins in misadventure as he wades into a comedy of terrors that boasts a reel of compromising film, an emerald elephant, and a lethal razor for props, murder as the evils deed, and unmitigated mayhem as the comedy relief.

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Anyway, you’ve got to admit it was somebody who’d been in Washington and heard all about the indiscretion … Righto, then. He’s abandoned the idea, but all the same he happens to be travelling aboard the same boat as Curt. If you looked at the passenger-list, Curt, would you recognise the name of anybody who’d been at your uncle’s house that night?” Warren shook his head. “There were millions of ’em and I didn’t know anybody. No, that won’t work … But you mean this. You mean that this bird (after

am a member of the American Diplomatic Service. The DIPLOMATIC Service, Baby. The rules laid down for the strictness of my behaviour would cause annoyance among the seraphim and start a riot in a waxworks. I dislike offering suggestions, but why don’t you say that in the course of my customary morning opium debauch I went cuckoo and batted my head against the wall? My chief would like that fine.” “Oh, all right,” she conceded primly, “if you must keep to your nasty old rules. Then—say you were

long time to wait, but you never can tell what this joker will be up to. Valvick’s gone for some soda-water. And we’re set 83 now.” He nodded towards the ventilator high in the wall, communicating with the next cabin. “If anybody goes in there, we can hear him in a second. Then we nab him. Moreover, I’ve got the hook on the door wedged so that, no matter how quiet he tries to be, he’ll make a racket as loud as an alarm clock.” Warren paused, rubbing his jaw rather nervously and peering about

combination of pitch-and-roll that 22 drove almost all the passengers to their state-rooms. Those polished lounges and saloons were deserted to the point of ghostliness; the passages creaked like wickerwork being ripped apart, the sea went past with a dip and roar that slung against the bulkhead or pitched you forward on the rise, and navigating a staircase was an adventure. Personally, I like bad weather. I like the wind tearing in when you open a door; I like the smell of white paint and

He’s wealthy, and I gather he’s got not only a full-sized camera, but also a sound apparatus of the sort the news-reel men carry. “But, speaking of Great Personages, we now come to the other celebrity aboard the Queen Victoria, also paralysed with sea-sickness. This was none other than Lord Sturton—you know—the one they call the Hermit of Jermyn Street. He’ll see nobody; he has no friends; all he does is collect bits of rare jewellery … ” Dr. Fell took the pipe out of his mouth and blinked. “Look

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