The BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English: Your guide to collocations and grammar.

The BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English: Your guide to collocations and grammar.

Morton Benson

Language: English

Pages: 504

ISBN: 902723261X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Speak and write perfect English!

• BBI teaches you how to combine words with words to form phrases (so you can say “
mortgaged to the hilt; I want something badly”). • BBI also teaches you how to combine words into structures to form clauses and sentences (so you can say “I
want you to go = What I want is for you to go”). • So BBI helps you with both vocabulary and grammar.
• BBI shows you important vocabulary and grammatical differences between American and British English.
• BBI gives you plenty of examples that can serve as models for your own use of English.
• Some of these examples are authentic quotations from works of American and British literature.

This Third Edition of the BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English is an expanded and updated version of the First Edition (1986) and its Revised Edition (1997), both of which were favorably received. In this third edition, the contents of the BBI have been increased by over 20%.
In the selection and presentation of new material, many sources have been used, including:
• Internet searches;
• The British National Corpus;
• Reading and listening to English-language material;
• For Grammatical Patterns:
A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language (Randolph Quirck et al.); • For Collocations: Lists of Lexical Functions (compiled by Igor Mel’cuk et al.).

The BBI has been “highly recommended” by the English-Speaking Union.
Using the BBI: A workbook with exercises is now available online at:

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~ 5. economic, financial ~ 6. emotional, mental, psychological ; physical ~ 7. ~ at, over, with 8. in ~ (they were in deep ~ over their loss) 9. to smb.’s ~ (to our ~ , her condition did not improve) distress II v. 1. to ~ deeply 2. (R) it ~ed me (to read) that a new epidemic had broken out distressed adj. 1. deeply ~ 2. ~ about, at, by, over, with (~ at the news) 3. ~ to + inf. ; ~ that + clause (I was deeply ~ (to read) that a new epidemic had broken out) distressing adj. 1. deeply, very ~ 2.

break the news) 11. (d ; intr.) (“to come”) to ~ on (the holiday fell on a Monday) 12. (d ; intr.) to ~ on (“to attack”) (the soldiers fell on the refugees and killed them) 13. (d ; intr.) (“to drop”) to ~ out of (to ~ out of bed ; to ~ out of favor) 14. (d ; intr.) (“to drop”) to ~ over (she fell over the side of the ship) 15. (D ; intr.) (“to drop”) to ~ through (to ~ through a hole in the ice) 16. (formal) (d ; intr.) (“to devolve”) to ~ to (the responsibility fell to us ; it fell to me to

quick promotion) 2. ~ to + inf. (she was ~ to learn of his quick promotion) 3. ~ that + clause (she was ~ that he had been promoted so quickly) amazement n. 1. complete, sheer, total, utter 2. ~ at (she expressed (her) ~ at his quick promotion) 3. in, with ~ (they stared in ~) 4. to smb.’s ~ (to her utter ~ , he was promoted quickly) amazing adj. 1. ~ to + inf. (it was (for her) ~ to learn of his quick promotion) 2. ~ that + clause (it was ~ (to her) that he had been promoted so quickly)

for my friends to follow her become v. 1. (d ; intr.) to ~ of (what ever became of her ?) 2. (formal) (R) it doesn’t ~ you to speak like that 3. (S) she became a teacher ; to ~ depressed becoming adj. ~ to (that tie is not ~ to you) bed n. [“article of furniture for sleeping”] 1. to make ; make up a ~ (I’ll make you up a ~ = I’ll make a ~ up for you) USAGE NOTE : to make up a bed is to put bedclothes on it. To make a bed is to re-arrange the bedclothes on it neatly after someone has slept in it.

seed ~ captain n. 1. (AE) a bell ~ 2. a group (BE) ; ship’s ; team ~ 3. (AE) a precinct ~ (in the police) 4. (mil.) a ~ commands a company or battery 5. to make smb. a ~ , to promote smb. to the rank of ~ ; to have, hold the rank of ~ 6. (misc.) ~s of industry (“leading industrialists”) ; what’s your opinion, Captain (Smith) ? captive adj. to hold smb. ~ ; to take smb. ~ (they held us ~ for several weeks) captivity n. 1. to hold in ~ 2. to take into ~ 3. to release from ~ 4. (misc.) to breed wild

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