The Barcelona Brothers

The Barcelona Brothers

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1590515188

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A gritty noir set in Barcelona's savage underbelly.

Epi Dalmau is a desperate man. Early one morning, he carries a duffle bag into a dingy bar in a rough neighborhood of Barcelona. Four other people are in the bar: his brother Alex, his good friend Tanveer, the bartender, and a Pakistani man who wandered in to use the restroom. Epi grabs a hammer out of his duffle bag and attacks Tanveer. After a brief struggle and a couple of blows, Tanveer lies dead on the floor and Epi flees the bar.

Alex and the bartender plan to find and protect Epi, while blaming the murder on the unfortunate Pakistani man, who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Meanwhile, Epi is hunting for Tiffany, the woman of his dreams and the reason behind the murder. What he'll do when he finds her, and what drove him to brutal violence are the subjects of Carlos Zanón's gritty, unflinching novel, set in a city tourists never see.

The Barcelona Brothers is a hard look at what people are capable of when they have no other options, and a portrait of a modern, multicultural Barcelona.

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doorway, positioning himself at an angle so that he can spot the cops if they come through the front door, with or without Colombo. “First of all, I want to tell you what an asshole I am. I covered for your lunatic brother.” “You did right …,” Alex manages to say. “I’m not so sure. Look, I knew your father and your mother and … fuck, we were all friends! All the doors in the barrio were open back then—people were always offering kids snacks.” Alex is quite familiar with the evocation of these

Salva says, tapping the receiver with one hand and heading for the storeroom. “I have to take this, it’s important, but then we’ll talk, all right?” Rubén, back at Pep’s side, knocks back some of his drink and vigorously sticks a toothpick into one of the anchovies. With a touch of mystery, he announces his intention to try to get something out of Professor Malick. Then he swallows the anchovy. Pep smiles. For no apparent reason, he’s feeling pretty good. And all of a sudden, he’s got the

happening to him? Stupid, yes, stupid and slow. Over his radio, Natalia assures him that they’re doing all they can. Then she immediately calls him back to tell him that the locksmith on duty is fortunately in the barrio and will be with them very shortly. Allawi has silently placed himself behind Alex, who recognizes him without even needing to turn around. He’s turned out to be a good friend, a loyal guy. “Epi, I know you can hear me. Think the situation over a little. Don’t be afraid.

Country of Allah, and we’re going to screw all of you bastards to the wall.” “If they stop us, I’ve got the papers for the van in here. We should go and fill out a stolen vehicle report.” “You should. I haven’t been here. Besides, no way I’m getting close to a police station. You go. We’ll meet up tomorrow.” “Let’s go together. You can wait outside, and then we’ll go by Carlos’s to see if he’s open.” Tanveer smiled but said nothing. When he finished his cigarette, he bounded to his feet, went

would help him to think clearly and figure out what he should do next. A taxi’s about to pass him. Nobody’s going to look for you inside a taxi. Epi raises his hand, but the cab doesn’t stop. Then he notices what he looks like. His sweater is stained with blood and his face—surely—with fear. He takes off the sweater, turns it inside out, and puts it back on. Without realizing it, he’s been trembling for who knows how long. His whole body’s beginning to hurt. Especially his back. The son of a

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