The Art of The Good Dinosaur

The Art of The Good Dinosaur


Language: English

Pages: 171

ISBN: 2:00350996

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and dinosaurs never became extinct? The Good Dinosaur expands on that premise in a humorous and exciting original story about Arlo, a lively Apatosaurus with a big heart. Showcasing the stunning artwork from the film's creation—including sketches, storyboards, maquette sculpts, colorscripts, and much more—The Art of The Good Dinosaur offers the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the research and design that went into the making of this innovative film.

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Sharon Calahan, Layout Erik Benson; (bottom) Lighting Study Sharon Calahan, Layout J.P. Vine Lighting Study Sharon Calahan, Layout Erik Benson 53 Lighting Study Sharon Calahan 54 Set Design Huy Nguyen 55 Storyboard Alex Woo 56 Lighting Study Sharon Calahan 57 Set Design Huy Nguyen 58 59 Lighting Study Sharon Calahan 60 Color Studies (left) Saera Hwang, (center and right) Rona Liu 61 Storyboard Rosana Sullivan 62 Lighting Study Sharon Calahan, Layout Rosana Sullivan

63 Color Script Sharon Calahan Storyboards Gleb Sanchez-Lobashov 70 Prehistoric Insect Color Study Bryn Imagire 71 (above) Gopher (opposite) 72 Character Study Matt Nolte Storyboards J.P. Vine 73 74 Set Design Kyle Macnaughton Layout Matt Aspbury 75 Lighting Study Sharon Calahan, Layout Matt Aspbury 76 (right) Prehistoric Snake Character Study Matt Nolte (below) Storyboard J.P. Vine 77 Storyboards J.P. Vine 78 Storyboards J.P. Vine, (bottom) J.P. Vine & Adam

Campbell 79 Lighting Study Sharon Calahan, Layout J.P. Vine 80 Storyboard Rosana Sullivan 81 (above) Storyboard (opposite) Pet 82 Kelsey Mann & Edgar Karapetyan Collector Character Study Matt Nolte 83 Forest Critters Character Studies Matt Nolte 84 85 Storyboard Edgar Karapetyan 86 Lighting Study Sharon Calahan 87 (top) Storyboard Rosana Sullivan (bottom) Storyboard 88 Rosana Sullivan & Adam Campbell Concept Art Tim Evatt 89 90 (above) Concept Art Kyle

IDiot 1 with TUSKS IDiot 2 with horns 112 Bisodon Color Study Laura Phillips 113 114 Lighting Study Sharon Calahan 115 Storyboard Austin Madison 116 Butch & Velociraptors Character Study Matt Nolte 117 Velociraptor Color Study Bryn Imagire Design Matt Nolte 3D Model Lou Hamou-Lhadj 118 119 T-Rex Character Study Matt Nolte 120 1 Velociraptor Character Studies Matt Nolte 1, 2, 4, 5 Ricky Nierva 3 2 3 4 5 121 Set Design Kristian Norelius, Layout Matt Aspbury 122

stage of its existence. This journey could not have been made challenges they were facing. without you. We found the perfect inspiration in the wide-open landscapes of Wyoming and Idaho. The massive plains and plateaus, thundering rivers, and dramatic mountain ranges would make even the largest dinosaur feel small. But you’re also always drawn in by the gorgeous light and fantastic details of the changing terrain. The artists on this film have done an incredible job translating the spirit of

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