The Art of Closing Any Deal: How to Be a Master Closer in Everything You Do

The Art of Closing Any Deal: How to Be a Master Closer in Everything You Do

James W. Pickens

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 044667785X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


"The Art Of Closing Any Deal, is the number one selling sales book in the world. This book has produced over 30 billion in sales commissions. It was written for PROFESSIONALS ONLY. 

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to lose, there are too many strikes against me already.” That is the very best way to defeat yourself before you even start. Remember, it’s one on one, and every customer is different. Customers will always have similar objections and questions concerning the product being sold. But the customers themselves are different and separate individuals. So, don’t pre-qualify or pre-guess them. When you come upon a situation that you think looks tough or depressing, get by yourself, regroup your

encounter; these make you a much better master closer. Always keep your eyes and ears open. You cannot learn a thing with them closed and your mouth open. Acknowledge all that goes on around you. Be aware and alert. Watch and observe what the top closers are doing, and follow their patterns. To improve your closing percentages you must become an awake closer. You have to study and learn a little bit about everything so that you will know something about most subjects—current events, vacation

company with enthusiasm. The closer must convey the feeling that his company is successful and positive—it’s growing and on the way up. Since the closer is a part of that company, he is, therefore, also successful. He’s on his way up too. The closer is the company and his strength should spring from that fact. (Plus he has himself, the Lord, and the product he’s pitching.) There is no reason for the closer to ever show signs of depression in front of his customers, especially when his company is

thought) for the older customer. In fact, after the older customer gives his positive “Yes” answer, he may think to himself, “What in the world have I just said? What have I just gotten myself into?” But it will be too late, the closer has sprung the trap and the point has been made. This “Statement and Question Trick” will work exactly the same way on younger customers. The “statement” made by the closer simply has to be reversed, turned around. The closer should tell the younger customer how

talking about. This “flashing the money” trick will get the attention of the customer and will bring home the closer’s point. The closer can dramatically show the customer exactly how much money he would either save or lose (depending on the sales pitch) by not buying the product immediately. D. The closer can make the following nonchalant statement just about any place in the sale presentation and it will get the customer thinking: “Mr. Customer, some folks will buy this product and some won’t

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