Daniel Palmer

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 0786022698

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"A twisting, suspenseful chiller of a book." --William Landay, New York Times bestselling author

"Unrelentingly Suspenseful." –Publishers Weekly

The future looks bright for Boston couple John Bodine and Ruby Dawes. John's online gaming business is growing, and they're planning a family. But when Ruby receives a life-changing diagnosis, and their insurance won't cover her treatment, John makes a risky move. He steals a customer's identity and files a false medical claim. It works perfectly--until the customer contacts John with a startling proposition. . .

"Tight, Twisty And Terrific, It Further Establishes Palmer As A Force To Be Reckoned With." –The Providence Journal

If John and Ruby play a little game he's devised, he won't report their fraud. The rules of 'Criminal' are simple: commit real crimes. But if they fail, there will be deadly consequences. John assumes it's a sick joke--until people start dying. Now John and Ruby can't disappear--and they can't go to the police. Their only option is to keep playing, while trying to outwit a psychopath who has no intention of letting them leave this game alive. . .

"He Knows How To Hook The Readers And Reel Them In."

Doom of the Darksword (The Darksword Trilogy, Book 2)

Elders and Betters

The Ethics of Suicide: Historical Sources

The Return of Philip Latinovicz

















physics: too much weight to pull against and seconds to decide what to do. That’s when you remember the Spyderco knife, ten-inch blade, ultrasharp, clipped to your parka. You slide farther into the opening as you unfold the knife with your teeth. Clegg and Hall can see your shoulders now. They’re pleading with you not to do it. They can see the knife in your hand. You’ve got to decide. Which rope to cut? Whose life will you take to save your own? Their desperate cries continue. You begin to

what I said earlier?” I shook her off like a pitcher changing the sign. “I’ve been thinking about it more,” Ruby continued. “David might be involved.” “He’s not.” “How do you know?” I shrugged. “It just doesn’t make sense,” I said. My body still felt all charged up from the robbery and getaway, so I took in a few deep breaths and expelled them slowly. Then I ran my hands back and forth through my short hair, feeling the sweat that still dampened my scalp. My sudden movement irritated

penny, in for a pound, or so the saying goes. We had enough stress, and to add to it by coming up with another way of getting Ruby her meds just didn’t make any sense. We also figured Uretsky already knew about Dr. Lee, same as he did Dr. Adams. What could we tell her? “Be careful”? “Look out for strangers wearing masks”? Right now we just needed to get the drugs and get out of there. Soon we were back inside the cramped examination room, which had become as familiar to us as our bedroom—at

“Somebody is coming to get the mail,” I said to Ruby. “And I don’t think it’ll be Elliot Uretsky.” “You want to wait in the car?” Ruby asked. I nodded. “Would it be in poor taste if I read that O Magazine while we waited?” I shrugged, got out of the car, opened the mailbox, and got her the magazine. She flipped through the pages while we waited some more. We didn’t talk much. Ruby took out her phone and checked the stats on my video. “You’ve been viewed over two million times now,” Ruby

Ruby. “There’s no crime this time,” I said to her. “We just have to solve the clue. We already have Jenna and Rhonda on our conscience. Dr. Adams and your man, too. Do we really want to add a fifth victim to the list? Because that’s what’s going to happen here.” I showed Ruby the picture on my phone. Unfair of me, but I couldn’t let Jenna and Rhonda’s fate become Tinesha’s as well. Ruby stared at the display screen for a long while. She didn’t pick up on the connection to me, either. How did

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