Star Trek Log Four

Star Trek Log Four

Alan Dean Foster

Language: English

Pages: 151

ISBN: 2:00077614

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Three more episodes from Star Trek, The Animated Series

Black Wine

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Orion Arm (Rampart Worlds Trilogy, Book 2)

Saturn's Children (Freyaverse, Book 1)

Day After Night

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planetary, but from a human-induced tremor, as Terratin technicians moved the pickup around. It finally settled on Spock and the rest. They were arranging themselves for beam-up while the Terratins divided huge masses of crystalline dilithium among them. At least, they appeared huge beside the compacted crew. Actually, they were normal-sized crystals and Kirk knew he could hold the entire amount in one palm. Terratins driving powered carts continued to arrive with more and more of the vital

specialist—just as Kirk had known he would. Impulse power was fed to the chamber to spark a greater reaction. A number of gauges on the nearest monitor immediately jumped upward with gratifying speed. Spock was ready with the results by the time Kirk had re-established life-support and power in the sections he had shut off earlier. "We will not be able to travel to the nearest starbase, Captain, but essential functions no longer have to be checked as closely and we could break out of orbit at

scanners, an after-effect of the disruptor bolts." "It is not a distortion, of either our eyes or the scanner's," Spock added. "I saw it, too." "I'll assume visual confirmation, then," Kirk went on. "We should have a record of the effect, Mr. Spock. Sensor analysis?" Spock returned to his computer, made demands on recently employed tapes. "The instruments are still not registering with regularity, Captain—a disruption still unaccounted for. But I believe I can say with assurance, after

computer chambers. Megan reports it is located at . . . a moment . . . she is attempting to read . . ." The intercom went silent. Kirk's stomach was doing acrobatics. "It is located," the speaker said, voice contact returning, "in the casement housing auxiliary power leads to the drive chamber. It will activate when you reach warp-eight. If it is not removed before then, it cannot be deactivated. It must then be removed carefully, according to Megan's reading of its internal structure, or . . .

around the tablet, lifted, pulled it slowly from its resting place by a double-fluid circuit. He had it. Seconds later, both men were standing, examining the compact device. Spock imprinted its exterior design, consistency, weight, color, shape in his mind for future study. Then he moved to a boldly marked slot at the far end of the chamber. A disposal niche. There were three switches set in the wall beside it. One labeled DISINTEGRATE, the second marked RECYCLE and the third, was covered by a

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