Spacecruiser Inquiry: True Guidance for the Inner Journey (Diamond Body, Book 1)

Spacecruiser Inquiry: True Guidance for the Inner Journey (Diamond Body, Book 1)

A. H. Almaas

Language: English

Pages: 379


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Publish Year note: First published in 2002

Over the past twenty-five years A. H. Almaas—widely recognized as a leader in integrating spirituality and psychology—has been developing and teaching the Diamond Approach, a spiritual path that integrates the insights of Sufism, Buddhism, Gurdjieff, and other wisdom traditions with modern psychology.

In this new work, Almaas uses the metaphor of a "spacecruiser" to describe a method of exploring the immediacy of personal experience—a way of investigating our moment-by-moment feelings, thoughts, reactions, and behaviors through a process of open-ended questioning. The method is called the practice of inquiry, and Spacecruiser Inquiry reveals what it means to engage with this practice as a spiritual path: its principles, challenges, and rewards.

The author explores basic elements of inquiry, including the open-ended attitude, the focus on direct knowledge, the experience of not-knowing, and the process of questioning. He describes the experience of "Diamond Guidance"—the inner wisdom that emerges from our true nature—and how it can be realized and applied.

In this process Almaas looks at many of the essential forms of Diamond Guidance, including knowing, clarity, truth, love, intelligence, compassion, curiosity, courage, and determination. Also included are exercises and questions and answers from the original talks by Almaas on which the book is based.

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world wasn’t that much of a sacrifice. What we receive is infinitely more precious, infinitely more fulfilling, more beautiful, more exquisite; we recognize that what we get is the best thing possible. We recognize that the world, and our life in it, is merely a place, a context, a universal vessel for that preciousness to arise. We see that the world is not valuable in and of itself; it exists so that the preciousness of true nature can come into our lives. Before we can truly say that we are

misses. The wish is for what the soul, or its heart, naturally and spontaneously loves. The Yellow latifa is the presence of pure joy and delight, but it also causes the soul to become curious and activates its sacred impulse of true and innocent wanting. This means that the greater and deeper the realization of the Yellow latifa, the deeper the truth one’s heart loves and wants to behold. Activating the Red latifa provides the soul with the strength and capacity to reach and discern what one

unlovable person, it’s as though your discovery never happened. And that pure love is not going to move to a deeper dimension. In fact, it’s going to get blocked again. However, if you don’t forget, and you begin to do your best to integrate that insight of being pure love into your life, it will help the process of exploration to go deeper, to reveal more truth. This might mean using the implications of the insight to question the beliefs that support your old identity. Such an inquiry will

true nature. True nature is the absolute purity of Being. When we recognize that true nature is presence, we also see that this presence has many properties that let us approach our beingness in various ways. Each spiritual method can be seen as reflecting certain of those properties. The practice of being present is a method that comes from the recognition of presence as the fundamental nature of reality. The practice of inquiry, which incorporates the practice of presence, reflects other

find it useful now to stop and explore for yourself what we have been discussing. Have you been in touch with a current in your inner experience? If so, what is your experience of this personal thread? To help you answer these questions, choose an issue that you have been aware of or working with for some time and begin to tune in to your feelings and attitudes about it in this moment. What is your experience of yourself in relation to this issue now? Then look back at the time when the issue

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