Snowbound with the Sheriff

Snowbound with the Sheriff

Lauri Robinson

Language: English

Pages: 47


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Southern Montana, 1886

When Chayston Williams agreed to act as sheriff of Spring Valley, Montana, he never dreamed his duties would include delivering his father's pretty young mail-order bride to the family ranch in time for a Christmas wedding!

Violet Ritter promised her late stepfather that she would marry the man of his choosing. But she's shocked to discover her husband-to-be is old enough to have a grown son of his own! And she's even more surprised by her attraction to the ornery young man….

When a blizzard strands them in the sheriff's office for two days—and two nights—how will Chayston and Violet stop the fire between them from blazing out of control?

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have named even one of the profiled outlaws if pressed—a presence had him looking up. Violet set down a cup and a plate. “It’s getting cold.” “Thank you,” he said, trying to sound as normal as possible. The relief in her eyes sent his heart tumbling into his stomach. He ate, and afterward carried the empty dishes into the other room. “Just leave them there, on the table,” she said. “I’ll wash them when I’m finished.” He’d heard her rustling

the holiday celebration the General had planned. “Come in.” The General’s tender smile made her heart hurt. “The house is filling up,” he said. “Are you ready?” Holding in her stomach, she pressed a hand to the butterflies. “There’s nothing to be afraid of, sweetheart,” he said, folding an arm around her shoulders. “I’m just nervous, I guess,” she said. “Of what?” Seeing your son. She’d been caught between a father and his child once before and feared being there

you should be out chasing instead of accosting women.” His eyes were brown, with tiny bits of gold, and glaring at her with enough loathing she should shrivel up like a raisin. Which was not about to happen. Her body, though, where it was plastered against his, was tingling in ways it shouldn’t be. He let out another very unflattering growl and then grasped her bottom as he spun around. The shock of that had Violet unhooking her ankles and hands. “Put me

was wonderful and she could have sat there for hours but didn’t. After adding more wood to this stove and the one in the living area, she carted both of her bags into the living space. She then pushed, shoved and tugged all three of her trunks in there as well. Gentleman or not, Chayston would be the one to sleep in the cell. By then, delightful heat filled the rooms and she removed her coat and scarf, hanging them on hooks she made available by transferring what

about her future, of having a meal on the table when her husband came home. It’s what she’d always wanted—a family where everyone loved one another. Up until now that had been impossible. Eleanor had seen to that. Violet had tried, as she’d promised her mother she would from the moment they’d moved into John’s house, but Eleanor had never ceased reminding her that they weren’t sisters—that John wasn’t Violet’s father—right up until the moment she’d boarded the train

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