Donald E. Westlake

Language: English

Pages: 454

ISBN: 0892965347

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Mystery Writers of America's 1993 Grand Master offers an off-the-wall, delightfully funny mystery about the tobacco industry's attempt to catch a particularly elusive spy before he goes up in smoke. National ad/promo. Tour.

Murder at the Savoy

Opium Lords: Israel the Golden Triangle and the Kennedy Assassination

Special 26

The Harry Bosch Novels, Volume 3: A Darkness More than Night, City of Bones, Lost Light (Harry Bosch, Books 7-9)

Confidence Girl: The Letty Dobesh Chronicles





















last time.” “And not,” David added, “turn him over to those awful tobacco people.” “Nor,” Peter said, “that even worse policeman.” “Oh!” David cried, at the very memory of Barney Beuler. “Certainly not!” “We’ll capture him,” Robert decided. “Thirteen of us, one of him. I don’t care how invisible he is, or how clever, we can surround him and capture him and tie him to a piece of furniture if we have to.” “A large piece of furniture,” Peter advised. “First,” Martin said, “lunch.” The car

the subject to see what other unforeseen effects may have been caused by this flawed experiment, they wish me to put NAABOR and the American Tobacco Research Institute on notice, through you, their agent, that the experiment must be considered at this point in time tentative and inconclusive and incomplete, and that David and Peter are thoroughly averse to turning over to your clients any experimental data, including but not limited to the invisible man himself, until they are satisfied with the

she said. “Exactly.” Call Me Tom moved closer, being more confidential, as behind him a beach towel picked itself off a chair and whipped around madly and soundlessly in the air. Peg knew Freddie was doing this only because he was sore at the interruption, but it was so dangerous. “I just thought you ought to know,” Call Me Tom murmured, managing to remain ebullient while expressing sympathy and concern and solidarity, “that I got a phone call this morning, first thing, some finance outfit in

know that, because we know he pulled two quick heists here in the city within a week of getting invisible. And we know he was still a no-see-um, the son of a bitch, a week after that, when he waltzed out of his Bay Ridge place right under our nose and then knee-capped me upstate.” “He would appear,” Mordon said, “to be in a stable condition, so far as being invisible is concerned.” “That’s right,” Barney said. “So now he’s not so worried anymore that somethin bad is gonna happen. Now what he

saw that she was prepared to pretend that Barney didn’t exist, as though he were an embarrassment she wanted to spare Mordon having to acknowledge. More than willing to go along with that concept, Mordon smiled his nearest-to-human smile and said, “Good morning, Shanana. The doctors are expecting me.” “Yes, I know. I’ll tell them you’re here.” She gestured with a slender graceful dark hand. “You remember where the conference room is?” Mordon looked mournful. “Not the pleasant room upstairs,

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