Sharpening and Tool Care (Art of Woodworking)

Sharpening and Tool Care (Art of Woodworking)

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0809499339

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thecondition of therubberonthedriveroller Lubricate thegears Check thearborbearings Check theguardreturnsprings Check bladealignment Check thepadforwearor splitting (onrandom-orbit Check theeccentric bearing sander) Check thepadsupport SaberSaw PlateJoiner Electric Drill BeltSander Gircular Saw Orbital Sander 88 MAINTAINING PORTABLEPOWERTOOLS C()RDS FOR EXTENSION WIREGAUGE MINIMUM OFTOOI AMPERAGE RATING LENGTH CORDS FORDIFFERENT MINIMUM GAUGE 50' 75' 100' 0-2.0 18 18 2.r-3.4

forcesof routineusewill eventuallythrow a table sawoutofalignment.Evena newmachine straightoffthe assembly line usually needsa certainamountof adjustment beforeit canperformsafelyandproperly. ThetablesawcomDonents that need to becheckedandalignedarethosethat comein contactwith theworkoieceduring thecut:theblade,table,miter gauge, andrip fence.Ifany ofthesepartsis not in proper alignment,you risk burn marks,taperedcuts,or kickback. The simple tune-up procedures shownbelowand on thepagesthat follow

will improvetheperformance of any tablesaw.It is a goodideato takethe time to undertakethem beforestarting a newproiect.For the sakeof efficiency, follow the stepsin the order they appear. Youwill onlybeableto alignthe miter gaugewith the sawblade,for example,if the tablehasbeensquared with theblade.For safety,rememberto unplug your saw beforeperforming thesechecksand adjustments. Most tablesawsfeaturewormgear and rackmechanisms connected to crankwheelsto raiseand tilt thearbor assembly and

Thenswivel thearmto position thearbor o v e tr h er a i ln u t so n b o t hs i d e so f t h e n e a s u rt h t a b l ei;n e a c hp o s i t i om e eg a p between thearborandthetable.lf the m e a s u r e m eanrtesn o te q u a lr,a i s et h e l o we n do f t h et a b l eb yt u r n i n g t h er a i l n u ti n a c l o c k w i sdei r e c t r o un s, i n gt h e headof anadjustable wrench to leverup the tablesurface(left).f henmakethe sameadjustment ontheothersideof the table.Reoeat themeasurements to

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