Sexual Problems of Youths

Sexual Problems of Youths

Ayatullah Al Uzma Nasir Makarim Shirazi - XKP

Language: English

Pages: 76

ISBN: 1518889948

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

None of the problems the youths face today is as important as the sexual problem. Regretfully, we have to admit that this problem is becoming more complicated and serious due to developing automation in life, long duration of education and specialty courses, availability of luxury to all families, and lack of mutual confidence between girls and boys.

We have discussed these problems explicitly and clearly in this book and also proposed some solutions. Moreover, we have discussed about “sexual perversion”, and practical way of its treatment and prevention. Studying it will certainly provide useful information for all youths to get salvation from this problem. -



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cover-up effect, what to say about extreme and extraordinary interests! That is, if we assume that man has two eyes of “satisfaction” and “hate”, the latter is totally closed for one in love so that he (she) may explain the worst “faults” as the best “merits” through strange justifications and interpretations. One who gives the least advice to these “restless lovers”, will face a harsh reaction, because the lover thinks and believes that he has no purpose other than enmity, envy, meanness,

cutting off social relations and escape from home, parents and friends, living in solitude and or resorting to the centres of corruption and addiction, …. The youths should beware of this big danger, which can begin with a glance. They should control themselves in the primary stages when it is controllable, and avoid the risky area. They may forget the beloved through choosing healthy entertainments and hobbies, full time engagements in various educational, sports and similar activities,

threatened, the tainted will die, or will become feeble, pitiful, defeated, poor and even criminal like the other victims. However, we hope to save the most tainted through the method which we will explain (if they want and resolve), and the pure ones may look at these issues more carefully to find the way of prevention of any sort of perversion. Hearing the moans of these victims makes our heart tremble, and the bite of their pens, seeking help beseechingly, stings and wounds the spirit of

should know that the greatest misery for a youth is to have free time without any program. A youth may be unemployed and a job seeker, but he should prepare a daily program, including study, recreation, rest, etc. It is better if the youths prepare their daily program a little more compressed than their available time to prevent their mind from idleness even for a moment, because being mentally busy is very effective in avoiding such bad habits. It is often observed that smokers smoke

diverted me from the straight path. Ogling at women had become a habit for me. I acquired bad friends who caused me to inure to a habit which involved me for four years. I continued this undesirable sexual habit for four years and my dropping out of school was undeniable and imminent. I was an excellent student in the primary school, but in the high school, I failed to pass some examinations. I neglected God for four years. I lost my health and in general everything during these four years.

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