Seduction by Design

Seduction by Design

Sandra Brown

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0446603104

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hailey Ashton is devoted to her challenging job at the Serendipity Amusement Park. But Hailey's tough exterior hides a fragile self-image that dashes any hopes of a love life. Until a minor emergency brings her into contact with Tyler Scott.

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layout, then start charting your landscaping. Order whatever you want. Be extravagant.” “Yes, sir.” “And in the meantime, embellish existing landscaping wherever you see fit.” “Yes, sir.” “Okay, let’s hear from some of you others.” The Director of Personnel, whose sense of humor was well known, said, “We could all stand a raise.” Everyone laughed, including Tyler. “You’ve got it. Fifteen percent, retroactive from the first of the season.” The audible gasp around the table was followed by

very much alive. I just meant ‘was’ in the sense that he’s retired. On my thirtieth birthday, he turned the whole kit and caboodle over to me. He and Mom live in Atlanta.” “You really are a business whiz kid, though, aren’t you?” He didn’t answer for a while and she could almost feel his shrug in the darkness. “I’ve been lucky on some gambles that paid off.” It was obvious by his tone that he didn’t want to talk about his financial success, so she didn’t press the issue. “Mom and Dad would

all right. It’s swelling and that’s a good sign. It’s when it doesn’t swell that it can be dangerous.” “Never mind about that now,” he said in a low growl as he pulled her against him. He sought her mouth. “Tyler, your head—” “Hurts like hell. Kiss me and take my mind off it.” He kissed her with such urgency that for a moment she was too stunned to respond. His tongue was a sweet invader, a plunderer in her mouth that gave more than it took. His hands were those of a sculptor, molding her

resting.“ His breath escaped with a sigh of relief. He straightened, wiping his damp forehead with the back of his hand. When he had realized that his daughter was in no real danger, Hailey again fell victim to his impaling, incisive eyes. “What the hell was all the fuss about then? Why didn’t she just tell me what had happened to her instead of running away and hiding like that?” “The bee flew under her blouse. It stung her on her breast.” She looked at him steadily. He stared back at her. No

of his mouth to full advantage. Her fingers burrowed in his hair and she cried his name when his kisses burned along the tender flesh inside her thighs. “Hailey.” He said her name with the reverence of a prayer as he covered her again. She welcomed him, moving as he guided her with the adjustments of his own body. Kissing her deeply, he probed her tentatively and met only pliant acceptance. “Hailey, sweet Hailey,” he murmured as he claimed her in the timeless and most eternal of ways. She knew

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