Saltwater Aquarium Models: Recipes for Creating Beautiful Aquariums That Thrive

Saltwater Aquarium Models: Recipes for Creating Beautiful Aquariums That Thrive

John H. Tullock

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0470044241

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book is your recipe for saltwater aquarium success. The key is choosing fish, invertebrates, seaweeds, and corals that coexist in harmony. This guide covers the basics of setup, maintenance, and design. It includes more than forty specific recipes for saltwater aquariums, a 16-page color catalog of fish, invertebrate, and coral varieties, and information on more than 100 saltwater fish.

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phosphate test kit is likely to be one of the most expensive kits you purchase. Make certain that the one you choose uses the ascorbic acid method. This analytical procedure is the only one that works well in seawater. Some commercially available phosphate tests are intended for use in freshwater only and use an alternate procedure. Such tests will give erroneous results in seawater. When you buy the test, also purchase a supply of disposable plastic vials. Use a fresh vial for each test. When

spare. Because conditions in even the best-designed system tend to deteriorate quickly without regular maintenance, if you don’t have the time for upkeep, you will need to hire someone to carry out these chores to avoid disaster. 42 Saltwater Aquarium Models If you decide to go this route, choose the service with care. Make sure responsibilities, yours and theirs, are clearly understood. Confirm that the price quoted covers both labor and materials, such as synthetic seawater, that will be

damage. Hanging them with a pulley system that allows the height to be adjusted works well. Hanging lights over the tank may not appeal to you, and the finished look is certainly industrial. If the tank is built-in, of course, you can hide the lighting on the other side of the wall. For most of us, none of these will be an option, and we will use an enclosed “hood” or “canopy” that provides both a top for the tank and a housing for lighting equipment. Wood or laminate canopies that match the

of sunlight, and water movement, whether forceful or relatively calm. Other local conditions, such as exposure of the reef at low tide or the increases in salinity and temperature that occur in shallow lagoons, further demarcate zones of diversity. First walking along the shore, then wading, and finally swimming, let’s explore each of the major zones. TIDE POOL Tide pools form when a tide recedes and water remains in depressions waves have sculpted in the soft coral rock. Various species

aquarium long enough to settle in. After an hours-long courtship dance, they mate, and the female transfers eggs to the male’s brood pouch, where they are fertilized. The baby seahorses develop into miniature versions of the adults before being expelled as the male gives birth. The male undergoes a true pregnancy, with a placenta-like structure forming to nourish the offspring. Newly hatched seahorses, unfortunately, are even more of a challenge to feed than adults, although dedicated enthusiasts

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