Sally's Bones

Sally's Bones

MacKenzie Cadenhead

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 1402259433

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

2 Months, 28 Days, 9 Hours, and 12 minutes earlier...

Sally Simplesmith's life changed forever. She came face-to-face with death - a delightful, dearly departed little dog she lovingly calls Bones. But when the cadaverous canine is accused of a crime he didn't commit, Sally decides to solve the case herself!

Does Sally have what it takes to fetch a thief?

Sally's Bones is the impossibly possible tale of a girl, a crime, and a lovably lifeless, decidedly dead dog.

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anyway; the friend she had waited for all her life. One last time, Sally called up the picture of Viola she had been perfecting all week. In it, Viola wore a dog-collar necklace that complemented Sally’s T-shirt of Tone Death’s latest album: You Can’t Put Me in the Doghouse—I Already Live There. In Sally’s imagination, Viola already had three piercings in her left ear, including one up at the top, in the exact spot Sally’s father refused to consider until his daughter turned eighteen. In her

Viola,” Sally began. “You’re more than welcome to—” “Save it, Simplesmith,” Viola fumed. “I wouldn’t go to your house if there was an earthquake and it was the last place standing. Enjoy tonight, because soon this will all be over. I told you not to cross me. Now you’re going to be sorry. Now you’re going to—” “Viola, stop,” Sally interrupted. The mean girl gasped. Sally held her ground. “I won’t let you scare me. Not anymore. I really don’t want to be your enemy, but I won’t be your

Sally saw Vivienne Vanderperfect smile as she watched the girls from her kitchen window. She opened her mouth to say something—anything—that would expose Viola as the terrible fraud she was. “Uhn…” was the only sound that came out. Chapter 2 Viola kept her promise and ditched Sally a few blocks from school. “Stay out of my way or it’ll be your funeral,” the nasty new girl threatened. By the time Sally had convinced herself that dropping out of the sixth grade was not an option,

toy tightly in his mouth. He wiggled his high butt. “Bones, come on,” Sally commanded, but when she moved toward him, her disobedient dog darted just beyond her reach. “Awesome,” Sally sighed. Viola laughed and kneeled on the blanket. “Bones, I know we’ve had our differences in the past, but may I please have the Frisbee back?” she asked, not unkindly. “You see it’s not actually mine, but the people I was playing with were too scared to come over and ask for it themselves.” Bones

everyone at school, including the teachers, and meet at, oh I don’t know, the abandoned garbage shed?” Viola’s eyes narrowed, and her grip on Sally’s neck tightened. “You know the one. It’s right outside our classroom. In fact, that’s it right over there.” Sally’s stomach plummeted, and she began to sway. Viola steadied her in a headlock. “You think I don’t know about your creepy little loser hideaway?” the merciless mean girl whispered. “You’ve been going there every day at recess.” “No,

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