Sabre-Tooth (Modesty Blaise, Book 2)

Sabre-Tooth (Modesty Blaise, Book 2)

Peter O'Donnell

Language: English

Pages: 197


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In another classic adventure in the Modesty Blaise pulp fiction series, Modesty and her partner, Willie Garvin, are up against the nefarious Karz, a modern Genghis Khan, and his army of ruthless mercenaries. After orchestrating an audacious theft to attract Karz's attention, Modesty and Willie find themselves on the run through London, Paris, and Lisbon, and finally to Karz's remote fortress in the Hindu Kush. Once captured by his army, only Modesty can break Karz's hold, fighting his terrifying executioners, the Twins. A battle ensues that brings the adventure to its thrilling climax.

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best, not blondes.’ ‘Who says so?’ ‘I say so. It’s because of Modesty, I expect. How is she, Willie?’ He took his time blowing out a long feather of smoke, then said shortly: ‘She’s all right.’ ‘Well you needn’t say hallo to her for me. I don’t like her too much.’ ‘Why not? She treated you pretty good, Ilse.’ ‘Maybe that’s why. You want to notice, Willie—you do people favours and they don’t like you.’ ‘Some people.’ ‘Oh, I don’t really not like her. I’m just a little jealous, I guess.’

her. She heard the different sound of a boot grinding on gritty rock—Brunig’s first foot-fall outside the door. He was close now and coming fast. Smoothly she dived forward, forearms angled flat in front of her to cushion the impact. As her arms touched the ground her legs were half drawn up, her head turned to sight over her shoulder. Brunig tried to swerve. He was too late. Her booted feet shot out in a mule-kick, taking him squarely on the chest. He came an inch clear of the ground with the

lights. She switched on the torch, flashing it ahead of her. Modesty Blaise moved a dozen paces behind, on bare and silent feet. Puffing, the woman made her way along a narrower passage. She passed a T-junction and moved on to a door at the end. There came the sound of a heavy bolt being drawn, then a second bolt. Modesty watched her enter the room. A dim light from within showed through the half-open door. Modesty turned down in the blackness of the T-junction and waited, pressed against the

Gamarra had come in with a draft of twenty or more in one of the big Lockheed Hercules aircraft, but he had heard men talking who had been brought in by the Dove. They had not enjoyed it. Apparently it was like flying through a big maze, well below the mountain tops. His thoughts fluttered to another subject and a grin twisted his lips. He wondered how Garvin was getting on with that half-dead Blaise girl…. The oscillator in Willie Garvin’s ear began to bleep faintly. The sound grew louder. He

could turn to where the Dove stood only a long stone’s-throw away, near the end of the runway which extended down the middle of the valley to the bottleneck. To one side was a cluster of boulders, cleared when the runway had been prepared for the big freighter aircraft. They were twenty paces from the Dove when a voice to their right said calmly: ‘Hold it. Very still.’ Delgado’s voice. He was ten paces off by a big rock, holding a .44 Magnum revolver pointed at Modesty. Three men stood behind

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