Roget's Super Thesaurus

Roget's Super Thesaurus

Marc McCutcheon

Language: English

Pages: 688

ISBN: 1582979995

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Roget's Super Thesaurus is a perennial favorite among writers, and this latest edition has more than 1,000 new and expanded entries. This timesaving reference will help you find the perfect synonym or antonym to give your writing precision and color. From aback to zydeco, you'll find the exact word you need.

Easy to use and comprehensive in content, Roget's Super Thesaurus includes these unique features:

  • reverse dictionary
  • sample sentences
  • enlightening quotes
  • more that 400,000 synonyms and antonyms

The next time that elusive, just-right word or phrase is on the tip of your tongue, reach for Roget's Super Thesaurus. With more features than any other word reference, it's is a must-have for every writer's desk!

Roget's Super Thesaurus

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antithetical, at variance. ant. consistent, agreeing, corresponding. contraption n. device, machine, contrivance, gadget, rig, mechanism, appliance, widget, *doohickey, *thingamajig, *Rube Goldberg device. contrary a. 1. opposite contradictory, antithetical, reverse, different, counter, incompatible, incongruous, inimical, conflicting. 2. disagreeable cantankerous, antagonistic, hostile, inimical, averse, antipathetic, at odds. ant. 1. identical, consistent. 2. agreeable, accommodating. contrast

citation, emblem, badge, purple heart, ribbon. decorative a. ornamental, beautifying, embellishing, *dressy, garnishing. ant. plain. decorous a. proper, appropriate, fitting, mannerly, conventional, correct, refined, dignified, comme il faut, suitable, civilized. ant. misbehaving, rowdy, improper. DECORUM n. [di KOR um] proper manners, propriety. The children were told to behave with decorum. syn. propriety, respectability, conformity, civility, etiquette, good manners, good taste, dignity,

like. despite prep. in spite of, regardless of, notwithstanding. DESPONDENT a. [di SPON dunt] deeply depressed, filled with despair. Alice was despondent after her mother died. syn. depressed, despairing, miserable, downhearted, inconsolable, melancholy, forlorn, sorrowful, disheartened, glum, *bummed out, heartbroken, *down in the dumps, suicidal. ant. euphoric, joyful, optimistic, buoyant, cheerful. DESPOT n. [DES put] an absolute ruler, an autocrat. The despot completely oppressed the

reduced. When you encounter a “minor” word, at least two or three synonyms are given in the hope that one of those words will be the one you need. That way you again sidestep the need for a time-consuming cross-reference. Usages are divided by separate entries for adjective [a.], adverb [adv.], noun [n.], pronoun [pron.], verb [v.], and preposition [prep.] Separate senses within each part of speech are clearly delineated by number, by brief definition or definitive word, or, occasionally, when

responsibility, function. cape n. 1. mantle cloak, wrap, poncho, shawl, capote, pelisse. 2. peninsula headland, point, promontory. caper n. prank, escapade, *high jinx, *shenanigans. caper v. jump, skip, gambol, prance, romp, frisk, hop, leap about. capital n. 1. seat of government principal city. 2. wealth funds, moneys, stock, savings, assets, resources, venture capital, investment capital. “That part of wealth which is devoted to obtaining further wealth.”— Alfred Marshall. 1. see government,

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