Rise to Victory

Rise to Victory

R. Cameron Cooke

Language: English

Pages: 440

ISBN: 051514097X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An American attack submarine heads for Indonesia to evacuate U.S. citizens said to be at risk due to a violent rebellion. But the Providence's crew finds there's more to this mission than meets the eye. For they're mere pawns in a deadly game--and are about to engage with a rebel sub in an epic undersea duel.


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eyes met Miller’s. The weapons officer’s previously happy face now showed bleak consternation, as did all the other faces in the room. The Commander of Submarines Pacific Fleet would not call for an immediate video conference unless it was something serious, and they all knew that their anticipated shore leave had just become an uncertainty. “Shit!” muttered a sailor standing back by the chart table. “Let’s not panic, everyone,” Edwards said with a smile. He had to do something to keep them

Edwards knew of him, he was an overall good sailor who mostly kept to himself, a skillful fire control technician and one of those few chosen ones who manned the weapons console during battle stations. He was known to have an affinity for networks and programming and liked to dabble in different areas of information technology. In fact, he was the only sailor on board who moonlighted as a contract website developer whenever Providence was in homeport. The dual talents of Shoemaker had never come in

violence thus far. In fact, we once had a vibrant tourist economy here before this most recent unrest began. We were fortunate to be spared the religious conflicts that have plagued the other Moluccas. Here, Obed and Acang, or should I say Christian and Muslim, live in peace together, sharing in this fruit basket of God’s great blessings.” “Spared religious conflict, yes,” the admiral snorted. “But free from the separatist vermin, I think not!” “But surely, Laksda Syarif, you must be happy to have

fear we’re seeing the same cowboy diplomacy at work once again, gentlemen. Here you see the U.S. sending in armed forces to sabotage the U.N.’s efforts to resolve the conflict peaceably. What, has your government found weapons of mass destruction here too, Captain? Are there Al Queda hiding in the hills of these islands?” Several of the N.G.O. representatives chuckled and slapped their hands on the table, obviously sharing the envoy’s sentiments. The Indonesian officers laughed, too—all but one. A

Providence’s deck personnel for traction when handling lines. It was the closest thing he could find to a work shoe, and now he wished he’d brought his shipyard work boots on the deployment with him. They would have held up much better in this mud. But, space on a submarine was at a premium, and he probably couldn’t have fit that extra case of Mountain Dew in his locker six months ago if he’d brought the bulky boots along. As he scraped his shoes off on the bumper, he noticed that Michaelson had

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