Russell Brand

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1101882913

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


We all know the system isn’t working. Our governments are corrupt and the opposing parties pointlessly similar. Our culture is filled with vacuity and pap, and we are told there’s nothing we can do: “It’s just the way things are.”
In this book, Russell Brand hilariously lacerates the straw men and paper tigers of our conformist times and presents, with the help of experts as diverse as Thomas Piketty and George Orwell, a vision for a fairer, sexier society that’s fun and inclusive.
You have been lied to, told there’s no alternative, no choice, and that you don’t deserve any better. Brand destroys this illusory facade as amusingly and deftly as he annihilates Morning Joe anchors, Fox News fascists, and BBC stalwarts.
This book makes revolution not only possible but inevitable and fun.

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negotiated in secret with the collusion of squads of corporate lawyers. These pacts, like the pacts contrived in the past, are not free trade agreements; they are investor rights agreements, insurance for corporations that the conditions being created will guarantee profit. Why does this need to be done in secret? Because the conditions that benefit them fuck us right over. They spy on us, they lie to us, they control us with violence, they sell us shit food and annihilate the planet, and all

preexisting infrastructure of a metropolis like London is, it gives us the opportunity to demonstrate a new politics. A politics that spreads power as widely as possible and represents people directly. As we have seen from the United States’s treatment of any nation that tries to step outside of the capitalist paradigm, any attempt to reduce corporate influence and empower people is met by extreme external pressure. That would probably happen to any public official who sought to truly devolve

wear a turban as the yogic practice they follow is derived from the Sikh faith. Tej was a lovely woman and we became good friends; I learned a lot and had a good laugh. A fair amount of that fun may have been derived, I realize in retrospect, from the novel thrill of turning up at unexpected places with a yogi. Like the MTV Movie Awards or the Ecuadorian embassy. During the production of my let’s call it experimental—with the emphasis on the “mental”—TV show Brand X (surely the last punning

refers in this context to celebrations that center on a feast. The allotted reapportioning of meat so the people that got prime cuts get sausages and them that feast on bangers get steak, overseen by Hermes or Mercury or whatever trickster deity was germane to the culture. That’s probably why we enjoy I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! or when a politican gets egged, or scandalized. These social valves prevent uprising and a permanent reordering of social hierarchies. In mass demonstrations,

consensus is impossible as long as people are separated from true power by nation states that act as intermediary administrators for psychopathic corporations that pursue their legal obligation for profit into the jaws of Armageddon. Daniel says: “The next industrial revolution is toward decentralized, autonomous, and resilient systems where individuals and communities control their own destinies. This requires a transformation of our economic model from privatized control to co-operative models

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