Rescuing Christmas: Holiday Haven\Home for Christmas\A Puppy for Will

Rescuing Christmas: Holiday Haven\Home for Christmas\A Puppy for Will

Vicki Lewis Thompson, Catherine Mann

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0373837682

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Holiday Haven by Vicki Lewis Thompson

All Ben Rhodes wants for Christmas is to be left alone. And yet, in a fit of Christmas-cheer-induced insanity, he agrees to help beautiful shelter director Tansy Dexter find homes for all her rambunctious animals. Little does he know that the one truly in need of a loving home this season…is him.

Home for Christmas by Catherine Mann

Shelby Conrad has had more than her fair share of silent nights. But even though her husband, Tech Sergeant Alex Conrad, is coming home in time for Christmas, Shelby isn't sure he's in time to save their marriage. Can a road trip to deliver three shelter dogs to their new homes teach the couple that the most precious gift of all is hope?

A Puppy for Will by Kathie DeNosky

Will Parker hasn't exactly had all his hopes and dreams met, but work has filled the gaps in his life. Or so he thinks…until an energetic and large Saint Bernard foster puppy and Will's cute neighbor Macie Fairbanks introduce him to the best thing about Christmas and life—unconditional love.


The Patrician (The Patrician, Book 1)

Arielle Immortal Awakening (The Immortal Rapture, Book 1)

The Fairy Godmother




















Lab sneezed. “Bless you, Charcoal. Anyway, there’s no excuse for the way I acted. Maybe Ben has a wonderful way with animals, and maybe I have a little crush on him and wish he’d change his mind about adopting. I’d hoped it would help him deal with the pain in his past. But none of that gives me the right to suggest he has an obligation to take Max home for the holidays.” Squeezing out her mop, she slapped it back down on the floor. “My one little word of sorry doesn’t cut it. Now that he’s on

except for having both eyes,” Ben said. “Oh, and my cat was still a tom. I’m going to bet Max is not.” Dr. Horton laughed. “That’s a given with any of The Haven’s animals. And if I know Tansy, she’s already talked you into taking at least one home with you, if not more.” Tansy sucked in a breath. “She’s tried.” Ben glanced at her. “It’s not for me.” The vet looked startled. “Allergic?” “No, I just...don’t care to do that.” The uncomfortable silence that followed was interrupted as Dr.

abandoned, they wouldn’t be at The Haven. Once upon a time they’d been living in a cozy setup that they’d expected would go on forever, and then, boom! They became excess baggage, ending up homeless and unwanted. And yet, despite that, these creatures had not given up hope that life could be good again. He was humbled by the sheer volume of optimism on the videos he’d shot. These animals had more courage than he did. Today he’d dealt with cats who’d been left by the side of the road. Yet they’d

against his erection. The rasp of her jeans reminded him there were still too many clothes between them. Standing, he turned and settled her on the bed again, silencing her protest with a kiss. “Trust me,” he vowed. He knelt between her legs and her eyes went wide with pleasure. Rocking back on his heels, he took Shelby’s foot in his hands and slipped her sock down, then off. With the perfect pressure, he pressed his thumbs up the arch before shifting his attention to her other foot. A purr

honest with him? He had already been in one marriage that ended because of his wife’s lies. He’d be damned before he repeated that mistake. Will sighed heavily and turned his attention back to the computer screen. Even if Macie had a reasonable explanation for not revealing who she was, it was all water under the bridge now. He hadn’t seen her since the day after Christmas, and if he had, she probably wouldn’t have talked to him. “It’s probably for the best, Harley,” he said, glancing down to

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