Renewal 4 - Down on the River

Renewal 4 - Down on the River

JF Perkins

Language: English

Pages: 40


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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Publisher: JF Perkins
Publication Date: 2011-07-09
Number of Pages: 61
Website: Amazon, LibraryThing, Google Books

Synopsis from Amazon:

When the fight for post-Breakdown law and order begins, Terry joins the small band from Coffee County on a mission to the new state capital, in a plea for official justice against local tyranny in the wilds of Tennessee. A larger crisis forces a detour into the broken and dangerous territory of a destroyed Nashville to face an unknown enemy.

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industry. Even further out, the elevated interstate had fallen again, traced by chunks of concrete and steel until it curved out of sight in the distance. It was almost more than Terry could take in, first the sheer scale of everything he saw, and then the extra stretch to understand what it would take to break all of the city it into non-functioning bits. He was distracted from the overwhelming view when Ned peeled off on the last exit before the highway’s ragged edge. Bill wheeled the big truck

pier, several large vessels were parked. Two of them looked like tugboats, one a sort of mutilated cruiser, and partially obscured among the other boats, Terry could see glimpses of what must be a river barge, although it looked smaller than he had imagined, among the sheltering boats. To the northwest, less than a thousand feet away, a once-impressive bridge had collapsed into the river. Only jagged pieces of steel and the crumbled approaches gave it away. Most of the bridge was sitting on the

or creed are bad? No way. Can we ever say that all people of our own race and creed are good? Not a chance. Can any of us honestly claim to have the ultimate answers of right and wrong, where it starts and where it ends? Nope. That’s never been part of the human condition. We receive our race at birth, and we ultimately choose our creed. We decide how we want to see the world. About the author: Creative people tend to be lousy at self-promotion, and I fit the cliché almost perfectly. After

I’d guess,” Bill replied. The AG grinned, and said, “All too often, that is the case.” “Well, funny you should mention keeping officials in line...” “Uh, oh. Bill, you’re not here to ruin this beautiful day, are you?” the AG asked, the smile on his face disappearing in a heartbeat. “Maybe. Depends on your point of view, I think.” “All right, let’s have it.” The AG pulled a legal pad from somewhere behind the desk and grabbed a shiny pen from its holder. “Do you know Jerry Doan Jenkins?”

to actually shoot. He figured the best way to do that would be to let them shoot and to get the curiosity out of their systems. They returned to camp with an obvious respect for the weapons, and it turned out that they learned their lessons well. Between Francine’s obvious confidence with the gun, and the fact that she seemed to be entirely recovered from the trauma of her husband’s death, Dad made the mistake of choosing her for his scouting trip to the schoolyard. The group that had refused to

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